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smithc27 posted:
Hello everyone! I have a situation I would like some input on...

A member of my DH's family is getting married soon and we received an invitation to the wedding. The invitation was addressed to DH and myself, no "and family" or "and DD"; this tipped me off that children may not be invited. We were then told that another family member (ie, not bride or groom) would pay for children to be invited. Now, we have been re-informed that extended family child relatives are now un-invited. All of this after I scheduled plane tickets for myself and MIL (DD was to fly on my lap).

So here is my dilemma... that same relative has now arranged for a babysitter to watch DD and 1-2 others during the ceremony and reception. I do not know this person, and am VERY uneasy about leaving my 1 1/2 yr old daughter in a strange place with someone she doesn't know. What would you do? Advice, WWYD opinions please!!! TIA

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