12 month old male baby still doesn't sleep through the night and screams endlessly all night
pisces123 posted:
Let me begin by saying our son was impossible to put to sleep without a bottle right from the start. So, right at the beginning, I'd like to say, we totally put him to bed each and every time with a bottle. No wavering from that. No bottle = no sleep in our house.

The issue we are having right now is that our son has never slept through the night for more than a few days a a time. For the first 6 months of his life, he would wake up and cry a few minutes. We rocked him and soothed him back to sleep. Eventually we had a routine. Sooth, iaper, Sooth, Bottle, sleep. At about 6 1/2 months he started sleeping through the night in 2 or 3 day incerments. At about 8 months old, our son decided that he would start screaming and crying for hours and hours every night.

A night at our house is pretty much like this:
9:30pm - lights dimmed and hanging out in living room
10-10:30pm diaper, abd then into bed with a bottle. (no issue here, he goes right to sleep)
12am - Screaming and crying, another bottle,
1am - asleep again
2:30am - screaming and crying. Rolling fits and he pulls his own hair, and he likes to bang his head on the side of the crib and kick the crib. If we hold him he just fights us and if we put him down on the floor to play he just stands in front of us and throws a tantrum. We do his diaper, make a fresh warm bottle, give him Tylenol and sometimes a little benadryl (4am) and just keep trying anything to get him to sleep.
4:30am/5am - finally he falls asleep.
6:30am - He's awake, needs diaper and new bottle.
7am - he's asleep
8:30/9:45am He wakes up for the day. Usually crying.

And I'm so not kidding when I say thats a typical night at our house.
We cannot afford an overnight nanny. We have tried lullaby music. We have tried baths before bed followed by story time. He does not deviate.

I need advice. What can we do?