How to Select Quality Toys
karven posted:
PLAY is at the core of our children's overall development, especially when it comes to speech and language development. And it is the work of children and much of children's play revolves around the toys they have available to them.
With the holidays here the shopping has commenced. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends are busy trying to find good, quality toys for kids as gifts. As a professional online toy store, Toyswill will share some tips for selecting toys this season.

1. Ditch the Batteries
2. Pick open ended toys
3. Back to basics: Pick traditional toys
4. Don't worry about gender
5. Skip the ABC's and the 1-2-3's
6. Think about toys that get them moving
7. Don't forget to get outside (outside toys are important too!)
8. Consider starting a toy rotation (after the holidays)
9. Sometimes the best "toys" are not toys at all!
10. To read each tip explained in detail, or dial Toyswill telephone number to inquire in detail directly.