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Fell down the stairs but appears ok
An_255923 posted:
My 21 month old tumbled down the stairs last night. We kept her awake for 2 hours to be sure she didn't have a concussion and watched for any sign of bruising. She appeared ok last night and o.k. today. She is acting and playing normally today. Even giggling and laughing. I still cant help but freak out over the accident though. I am in panic mode. Somehow I feel that she may have some kind of fracture or slow bleeding that I am not aware of. Is it possible for a toddler to fall down stairs and be perfectly fine? Can they appear to be o.k. and still have a small fracture somewhere?? I touch and press on her body everywhere and she doesn't flinch or appear to be in pain when I do. I am still afraid she may be hurt even though she is acting o.k. There is no sign of bruising anywhere. She is not sleepier than usual either and she babbles and talks just fine. She can even count to 3! I am completely shocked she seems to be o.k.

Our stairs are carpeted and we have a gate at the bottom so she hit the gate and not the floor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't feel that I need to take her to the doctor as she appears to be o.k. I just want reassurance or advice (hopefully from a doctor). Thanks
gsparks29 responded:
Well this post was submitted 4 months ago, so i hope everything is ok now! But our 1 year old is a walking disaster, but she's doing just fine still. She's face planted off the back of a couch, has fell off of beds multiple times, off of stairs, has slipped and fell ont our tiled floor numerous times and has yet to experience any severe medical issues. Apparently this is due to babies bones being harder at that age and although it will still hurt and freak them out, it wont do much damage. According our to pediatrician, babies can fall as high as 10 feet down and still be just fine...after calming them down of course. although wouldn't recommend letting him/her climb anything that high!

also my nephew did the same thing when he was a baby...did carthweels down the stairs and even fell from a 2nd story window...he turned out just fine

unless they pass out, puke or their behaviour drastically changes, you typically dont have anything to worry aobut, especially if they start acting like their normal selves again after soothing and comforting. Babies are going to bump and fall and their super resilient!

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