Recurring Diaper Rash
katwilliams37 posted:
My Granddaughter seems to have a recurrent diaper rash; I am her caregiver four out of the seven evenings a week, while my son and daughter-in-law work the same shifts at the same company. We all change her diaper OFTEN; we use "Parents Choice" diapers and wipes and their equivalent of "Desitin" cream(generic). Can babies be "allergic" to their own urine, or be irritated by it? I've not seen this before, but it's also been a long time since there's been a baby in the house!! This is my first grandchild, so I feel, at the age of 48, I'm learning all over again!! LOL She's fair skinned and seems a little on the sensitive side. TY for any and all advice!! Sincerely,...Gramma Kat
ttaabbiitthhaa responded:
Try Resinol Cream, it is a pink colored paste and has worked wonders for my sensitive skinned daughter when she gets a diaper rash. I have only been able to find it at Walgreens its not a prescription but you have go to the pharmacy and ask them for it. I think it was $10 for a small jar, but it goes a LONG [a class="template-reply-post" id="exchange-post-enabled_A8" style="color: rgb(0, 102, 153); cursor: pointer;" onclick="LoginCreatePost(this,'parenting-1-year-olds-exchange','3'); return false;"> ways!