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Turned foot??
Jlynnl posted:
Does anyone have any experience with their child having a turned foot? My mom has me freaked out that DD's foot is turned out too much and she will need a cast or special shoe. I'm going to ask the pedi on Monday, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any stories they'd like to share.
5LOVINS responded:
Yes DS#2 does. He will be 1 on the 30th and I think that's why he's not walking yet. I have been exercising and stretching his calf and foot but not much luck. Hopefully it will correct on it's own. Let me know what the Pedi. says! :eyeroll:
bcmom1 responded:
I was born with both of my feet turned out and had to have casts on as a baby. I can remember my mom lecturing me about keeping my feet pointed forward when I walked. Now, my feet point forward and my knees are turned inward. My daughter walks with her right foot turned out. It can be from many things. The first thing to check is the baby's hips. Have your DD laying down on her back and bend her hips up together to see if they are equal. Also, when they are bent, rotate them in and out. You are looking to see if there is a difference between the two legs or if one moves less. That could be an indication of a hip dislocation or some other orthopedic problem. Sometimes though it is just muscle weakness. Does your daughter always use the same leg when she stands up? Mine usually always uses her right, which is the leg she turns out. When she stands, she turns that leg out to do so and those muscles are so strong, they are taking over when she walks. We encourage her often to use her left leg too by weight shifting her onto her right side when she is getting up. Or we just put her left leg up first and let her power through with it. If it is a problem with the foot, she may just need a shoe insert or orthotic. Those are worn with any shoe and are sometimes not even noticeable. It's definitely worth asking the doctor.
KC_94920 responded:
My middle child (DS) is pretty out-toed and while both feet turn out, one is much more noticeable. We noticed it when he was just a few months old and had several x-rays and evaluations by top-notch orthopedic surgeons done before he turned 2. We've learned that his shins basically spiraled just enough to set his feet off center. We were told to be patient, not worry and to not push him to achieve every physical milestone at the same time his older sister did or his friends would. We were also told to keep him either barefoot or in good quality, well structured shoes that had flexible soles. My BIL had/has a similar distinction and suffered through leg braces and shoes with bars for years and in the end had to learn to walk with out-toes feet. Our ortho won't even do braces and special shoes anymore. He walked a bit later than some (15 months), struggled with jumping, hoping and climbing until he was 3.5 or so but now (at 4.5) with the exception of being a bit clumsy and balance challenged during taekwondo class, he's fine and most wouldn't notice it much at all. I doubt he'll ever be a star track athlete or ballet dancer but he swims like a fish and can rock climb like a madman given how far he can turn out his ankles. As for the future, we (or I should say HE) do have one option to "fix" him if he decides it's worth it. His legs can both be broken, reset and casted at the hip for 6-8 weeks but even the success on that would depend on timing and continued growth. Bring it up with your pedi and request initial x-rays if you want. HTH's.

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