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White dots in back of throat
GlowingPrego posted:
So I really need your guys help... I'm pretty confused... So I put my daughter down to bed tonight and walked out, well she started screaming and my husband went in and called me and told me she keeps sticking her tongue out. So I asked Emma to show me (she is so smart, I asked her like 10 times to show me and she lays down, holds still and sticks out her tongue to show me). So I gasped when I saw very distinct white dots in back of her throat and as far inside as I can see. So my first reaction was that is was it was strep throat. I called the after hours nurse and he told me that 99% of the time you pretty much have to have a fever in order to have strept. since she is not running a fever or eating ok he doesn't think it's that but then I told him that she was exposed to the 'hand, foot and mouth' disease about 2 wks ago (that I guess is a common childhood disease and no treatment is needed) when she sucked on my friends babies pacifier when he had it... but it says that it causes sores in your mouth, and sometimes hands and feet. So I am sooo puzzled as to what in the world this is!!! Any ideas? I'm not freaking but I'm definately worried about her. I should get a call from my Pedi's office about getting her in for an appt. Oh and the reason why I say white dots and not patches is cause in my mind when people told me to look for white patches in back of throat for sighs of strep, I always pictured bigger or uneven patches, but these are just these perfect dots that are raised ( I know it's gross to compair but it's the best that I can discribe... have you ever tried the dippin dots ice cream? that's about the size)... I just wonder if any of you have any advice whatsoever!!! TIA!!! I hope my princess will be ok ( I'm sure she will be) oh and a lot of times people say that fever is a big sigh... but Emma has never in her life had a fever, not with the 2 ear infections or teething or colds... so I wonder that even if she had strep or the hand/foot and mouth disease if she'd even run a fever.... when my friends baby had the hand/foot and mouth diease he was running a fever of 103.6! Anxious for any advice!!
CooperDsMom responded:
Uilana, I would definately take her in to the dr. Mainly bc I had strep throat all the time when I was a kid and when I say all the time i mean like as soon as the antibiotics were done it was back, and I NEVER ran a fever. I am just like your DD when I get sick 99% of the time I do not have a fever with it. On the other hand my baby sister had hand foot and mouth when she was around 8 and it was the raised white bumps on her mouth for about 2 days then it spread everywhere! Keep everything cleaned and sanitized. If it starts bothering her to eat my sister would eat lots of wendys frostys and smooth ice cream bc the cold would numb the bumbs! If it does spread talk to the dr about anti-itch cream! My sister would be itching in the night all night and not know it and still to this day has some scars on her feet. With the hand foot and mouth the bumps can go anywhere. She had them in her scalp in between her fingers and toes and in her private area which was the worst! So definately get it checked out and ask the dr about creams for itching in case it does spread! HTH and I hope Emma is back to normal in no time!!
megbrubaker responded:
I'd call the pedi and get her in. Especially if she usually doesnt run fevers it might be strep...also hand, foot and mouth disease it could be that too. I dont know how it looks in children but I have seen the disease on looks like sores around their mouth...I never opened the animals mouth to see what it looked liek on the inside though. But Id def try to get lil miss emma into the doc. Let us know. Ill be thinking about miss emma
rebecca45014 responded:
Does she have any symptoms other than the dots? This is gross, but my doctor said in the past that this could just be food particles stuck on the tonsils. It occurs quite oftem actually. You just tend to notice it more when they are swollen.
mckenzien18 responded:
Could it be thrush?
Stephensmom1214 responded:
It sounds like she could have herpangina - basically, a canker sore virus. Since she doesn't have any other symptoms, that would be my guess, but you should definitely take her to the doctor. With Strep and HFM, she would definitely run a fever, and there would be other symptoms. If she does have herpangina, the pedi can probably give you some suggestions for keeping the pain down. My DS had it last summer at 18 months, and loved his week long diet of pudding, ice cream, and yogurt... his was a mild case, but I've heard of some pediatricians suggesting a mixture of Benadryl and Maalox to help ease the pain.
helena1983 responded:
Take her in. Dr's can't diagnose over the phone, any suggestions on here will only make you worry more. It could be any number of things and they can rule them out. PP have said no fever and have gotten strep, I have done it too. medicine is a PRACTICE for a reason.
mmmbilliot responded:
I took my son in yesterday b/c he wouldnt eat and he kept messing with his ears........ he has strep and thrush. No fever at all. You wouldn't even know bu the looks of him b/c he is runnign around and playing like he would any other day! Crazy kids!!!
GlowingPrego responded:
Thanks girls!! The appt has been postponed until tomorrow (ugh!) but I'm pretty sure that it might be thrush... I guess we'll see! Thanks for your concerns and advice!!

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