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    Pale Stool
    emily8091457 posted:
    DD is teething... BIG TIME. She was very slow to get her teeth and is now getting like at LEAST four molars and some eye teeth. Maybe more are coming in too... it's hard to tell. So she has not been eating for the last few days. She just sort of pecks at food or flat out refuses it. She's been drinking quite a bit of milk/water though. Anyway, the last two days or so her poop as been pretty light. It is usually sort of a medium brown to green depending on what she eats. I would not call it white/gray necessarily, but it is for sure very very pale brown... like a light beige I guess. Do you think this is because she hasn't been eating much, so it's not coloring her poo... or do you think there is some other issue???
    smatusiak responded:
    Their poo will change colors based on what they eat so I would think that by only drinking milk, that could make it a lighter color. A few weeks ago Kayla must have had a little stomach bug or something because she threw up twice. While that was going on, her poo was a light yellow color. She was drinking mostly water during that time and eating crackers or bread so I don't know if it was from the food or the stomach bug. If your DD seems fine otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much as their poo will change color from time to time.
    phymrtn responded:
    Dylan has pale yellow poop sometimes with a really bad almost strange odor. When it first started happening around 6 or 7 months old, my mom and aunt said that it was teething poop. I don't know how true that is, but usually when it starts happening I find another tooth coming through.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    Both of my DC get/got pale yellow stool/beige when they are teething. That's usually my sign --- along with a diaper rash sometimes. I usually attribute it to them swallowing a lot of saliva.
    momtobegrunden responded:
    We went through the same kind of pooh a couple of weeks ago when DS was sick (he wasn't eating either). The pedi said white/beige pooh is from lack of meat in the diet. He was right. Things went back to normal as soon as he started eating again!
    emily8091457 responded:
    Thanks ladies... I'm glad to hear that others have seen this color. I wasn't quite freaking out (yet), but for sure getting worried. I know white/light poo can sometimes mean bad things (though DD's hasn't been white... but for sure light). But I also know she is getting like every tooth she's missing right now and not eating anything... so... I'm hoping that's all it is. :eyeroll: Poor kid's mouth is like a war zone right now.

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