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Child with rash around mouth
CambyMom731 posted:
My daughter has a slight rash around her mouth that we think is caused by her paci. She only gets it during nap time or at bedtime, that's it. We've tried putting lotion on it, alchol, and even Destin. It just doesn't seem to go away. I've talked with her doctor about it and he doesn't seem worried but I want it to go away. Any other parents have had this issue and found something that worked, let me know. I'll give anything a try. Thanks.
tcqueen responded:
Do you sterilize the paci's? We stick them in the dishwasher whenever we run it. If so, it could be the soap that you use to wash it. Try just plain hot water.

My niece used to break out in a rash around her mouth. They had to start keeping a log of everything she ate because they couldn't figure out what it was from. Finally one day she put on some play lip gloss and she broke out really bad. They then realized she was allergic to red dye! Crazy!
CambyMom731 responded:
It might be the soap. We did change it around 2 months ago when this started.

The red dye things sounds familar. She usually breaks out really bad whenever she has pizza or spaghetti. Also, it really upset her stomach so we avoid giving red sauce to her.

Thank you for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.
NoAdditives responded:
She could be allergic to tomatoes. Most tomato sauces don't use red dye, tomatoes are red enough as it is, even when cooked. My husband's sister was allergic to tomatoes as a baby, any time she ate them she'd get a rash on her face.

You can try putting an antibiotic ointment on the rash or an antifungal cream. I would also switch to a natural dish soap. Method and Seventh Generation (both sold at Target) are both great.
CambyMom731 responded:
Very good point. Sorry, wasn't thinking. Thanks for your suggestions.
SophiaLB responded:
Our little one gets the exact same thing! We use Aquaphor ointment and it really works- fast too! Just a tiny dab seems to do the trick. Good luck
katwilliams37 replied to SophiaLB's response:
Ty so much, Sohpia! I'm an old, retired nurse and a first time grandmother; my granddaughter Haylee, started getting this rash around her mouth and I tried putting a little bit of Desitin on it before she went to bed at night; I also drink Crystal Light Raspberry Ice and she LOVES it, but it's "red." So, I have DC'd that as of today and I am heading to WalMart to purchase this Aquaphor to see if this will work for her; I really appreciate the adice and will keep ya posted! I was a "cardiac" nurse, not dermatology!, I really wasn't sure what to do. THX!!

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