mel07430 posted:
My favorite tip is to give your LO vitamins in the bathtub so if you spill any or they spit it out you can just rinse them off and nothing gets on their clothes!
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kristinrayerootes responded:
How many of you use vitamins and what brand do you use? We don't use any, but I am interested in hearing more. Thanks!
TyPatrick08 replied to kristinrayerootes's response:
I use multi-vitamin 3x week poly-vi-sol, it smells horrible but my son does nto mind!
Erica0731 replied to TyPatrick08's response:
We use the same as pp. I agree that the smell is aweful. DD doesn't seem to mind it either, in fact she says "yum yum" after she takes it, LOL!
TanyaJP replied to Erica0731's response:
eric takes a gummy one...can't think of what it's called right now. he loves them though and always wants more...ha ha. he loves medicine of any kind and when he's sick and being difficult some times that's the bribe, sadly never thought bribing my child with medicine would work--don't they usually go running??? ha ha
mel07430 responded:
I get my DD's flavored so it tastes and smells like banana. :-)
smatusiak replied to mel07430's response:
How do you get them flavored? Will the pharmacy do that? We just got Kayla some with a prescription and they smell horrible and are this terrible yellow/brown color. I don't understand why the can make Tylenol and Motrin fruity flavored, but these vitamins are horrible. I can't imagine how she doesn't throw it back up, but so far she opens wide for it. Probably similar to what the PPs said their LOs are taking.
mel07430 replied to smatusiak's response:
The last time I had the prescription renewed they asked me if I wanted to flavor them. As the pharmacist next time you are there.

We both have Kayla's! :-)
alsyond replied to mel07430's response:
DD takes a chewable vitamin now...I could never get her to take the Polyvisol even mixed in with other things!

Oh and I remember getting an email from Target saying they can now flavor medicine so that's one place you could try.
EwaldMT responded:
Ben takes a gummy. We got it at Target and he just loves it.
eliguns841984 replied to kristinrayerootes's response:
we use the poly-vi-sol stuff. I would love to give him a chewable or a gummy, but they all say they are only for kids 2 or 3 and up. I figured it was probably just due to a choking hazard or something, but I didn't want to take a chance in case it was some ingredient they shouldn't have or something. Does anyone know about that? CAN I give him another type of vitamin?
JoeBabes replied to kristinrayerootes's response:
We use Haliborange. It is a vitamin from Seven Seas which is a British company. This was the same vitamin myself and my siblings grew up taking so I really trust it. Here is a link to it.
Juliannasmom replied to eliguns841984's response:
DD takes the chewable version of Poly-vi-sol. At her 15 month appt her pedi asked if I wanted the chewable version since she has so many teeth. I would ask your pedi about it. DD LOVES them. She cries when I tell her she can only have one.
Juliannasmom replied to Juliannasmom's response:
oops I meant his pedi!
transcriber87 replied to kristinrayerootes's response:
Cadance will be 1 year old on the 27th of this month and I was wondering if I should start giving her vitamins? It wouldn't hurt would it?