cheeezie25 posted:
I know everyone is missing the smileys, so here are the different ways to type the smileys (just do not put spaces between the typed words and colons):

: smile :

: grin :

: sillygrin :

: eek :

: lightsmile :

: sheepish :

: frown :

: angry :

: chagrin :

: neutral :

: wink :

: confused :

: sad :

: crying :

: asleep :

: eyeroll :

: cool :

: coolfrown :

: sealed :

: pbpt :

: ooh :

: goofy :
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MontanaMama2009 responded:
How in the world did you ever find that out?
ReptileGirl responded:
Genius! Thanks!!! :wink:
cheeezie25 responded:
I posted over on the member admin board to see if anyone had a list, and one of the moderators responded with the list. I knew there was a way because I have definitely typed some out by accident!
roni090909 responded:
Man I do that and they don't show up half the time :frown:
sarahann1978 replied to cheeezie25's response:
Wow Christine, you are so resourceful :cool:. Thanks!
cheeezie25 responded:
Yeah, they don't show up all the time for me either. I assume it is because my work PC's browser is from the dark ages (IE6? Really?), but I dunno. Any self-proclaimed tech geeks want to take a stab at that one?
Man this is going to take some getting used to! lol How in the world am I going to remember all these emotions when Im posting lol theres going to be a lot of referring back and forth...or just avoid the darn emotions but I like them....