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Poll: Kid's middle names and why.
Amanda1981 posted:
Just adding on to Sue's poll.

Anthony, named after my dad.

Rose, named after my mom.

Grace, because I liked it.

One of my daughter's was suppose to carry on the Marie tradition (started with Great Grandma) and since I know about 10 people with that middle name I decided not to carry on the tradition.

j9ween2 responded:
DS - David (DH's 1st name)

DD - Janine (my 1st name)
ShayKTen responded:
Kay - Rylie Kay, because of mine and my mom's

Elizabeth - Reagan Elizabeth, because I liked it and for DH's sister
staceyj0709 responded:
I have a Madeleine "Kate" and a Juliana "Evelyn". No reason why, we just like the names.
ukbluegirl02 responded:
DD - Octavia DS - Eddison

Now tell me that Dorothea or Martina doesn't go better with those two than Elizabeth??!!!
hrmomof1 responded:
My DS's middle name is Joseph. Joseph is my DH's confirmation name. I really wanted to use my Dad's middle name since my DS is the first grandson in the family - but my dad's middle name is George....and well - it just didn't fit. Sorry Dad!
Shena1981 responded:
Emma Ruari . It's pronounced Rory
Danica10204 responded:
Rose - after my Grandmom

Jackson - after DH's Grandfather
IslandGirl58 responded:
Nicole, same middle name as me

Christopher, my brother's first name.
critty000 responded:
DD1 McKenna- my mom's maiden name, DD2 Kathryn- my MIL's name
mlgbears31 responded:
Lea, just like me
FarmWife1979 responded:
DD - Ann (my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my great-grandmother's middle name)
megmoo78 responded:
Anastasia I wanted a long name to go with her first, Alexander because I like it and wanted an "A" middle name and Michael because its DH middle name.
SLeyba responded:
LO middle name is Andres
raeftj responded:
DS#1 middle name is Hunter. I loved the name. And DH and I love Hunter Green.

DS#2 middle name is Alexander. (His green is from his birthday 3/17)

DD middle name is Jade. Going with a green theme.

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