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Bedtime Question
coltonsmommy posted:
What time do you guys put your DC to bed?

I have had DS's bedtime at 8pm for the longest time, but for the last few weeks, he's been staying awake (in his bed) til 9 or 930 every night. He lays up there and sings or talks, so he's not unhappy. I just think he's not tired. I'm wondering if I should keep him up til 9 and see how that works.

What do you guys think?
TanyaJP responded:
don't think it could hurt...ds goes to bed at varying times. later on the weekends so we get to sleep in a
mtnwolf responded:
I agree, it probably won't hurt. It may give you more sanity too since you wouldn't have to struggle to get him to bed earlier!

I think with it getting dark later it's harder to get my LO to bed and keep her there in the morning when the sun is up earlier. I try to darken the room to help and when it's rainy/dark she sleeps later.
FarmWife1979 responded:
DD still goes to bed about 8 pm. 8:30 at the latest unless we are out of town or stay late at grandmas or something like that. Any later and she's royally cranky the next day. She gets up about 6:30 am every day. She usually goes right to sleep though. Her room is pitch black at night (room darkening shade on her window, all lights off, etc). so there's nothing to look at anyway.
SumsMom07 responded:
I usually get my LO to bed about 8:30... if she seems a little wired I wait until 9 or a little after. Some of the time she will say "mommy I ready for bed" then I'll lay with her until she falls asleep.

I'd try keeping him up for a couple of nights in a row to see how he does. If it doesn't work you can always go back to the earlier time and let him play in there until he goes to sleep.
Viclou1968 responded:
My DC ( DS is 34 months, DD is 17 months) go to bed between 9 and 9:30 if we are lucky. Rarely, if ever, willl they want to even think of sleeping before 8:30. I just dont'think they are tired before then.

They get up at 7 am during the week, whenever on weekends (usually between 8 and 9 am) and they get to stay up later on the weekends but are usally out by 10-10:30p.

They also take a 2 hour nap at daycare. On the weekends it varies from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. I prefer that they take a long nap good during the day, even if they are up a little later at night because they are so much more happy when they nap and are not crazy, unreasonably tired at 7 pm- when I'm trying to get them to eat dinner. If they go to sleep before 8, they usually won't sleep all night- who needs that?

I agree with prior post that they seem to want to be up longer when the sun is up earlier and later. In the fall I will try to get them to go to bed a little earlier because the nap at daycre will go down to 1 1/2 hours for DS.
kc_94920 responded:
Personally, I wouldn't change his bedtime. It sounds like he's happy in his crib and I'm a big believer in kids having plenty downtime to process new stuff and learning to be comfortable playing alone (and to me talking and singing to oneself counts). I'd rather my LO go to bed happy and singing as opposed to overstimulated, crying and crabby (which is what happens when we tweak with bedtime around here).

My 26 month old goes to bed at 6:30pm, my 5-year-old goes to bed between 6:45 and 7 and my 7-year-old between 7 and 7:30. They all get up around 6:15 in the morning.
ryanandleigh responded:
DD goes to bed at 7 - or that is at least when we start her routine. She doesn't nap at all but if she does fall asleep for a short nap in the car, then we might move it back to 7:30. She gets up about 7 or 7:30 in the morning. I think if he is fine in his crib, I would keep his bedtime at the same time. If you do move it, I would try 8:30 rather than 9.
sweetncrazywvshorty84 responded:
I agree the longer daylight hours makes it harder for my DS to stay asleep and fasll asleep. My DS is 28 months old and is up between 7:30am -8am and goes to bed by 8pm at the latest. He usually takes 1 to 1 1/2 hr nap during the day. He is also very active when at home and the weather is nice he's outside playing 4-5 hrs each day when he's not very active it's harder to get him to sleep. You could try moving bedtim to 8:30 and see how that works. Also many times my DS at naptime will lay in bed just singing and talking and I believe the alone and quiet time is good for a child as long as he is happy
ShebaJM replied to SumsMom07's response:
I have 4 kids ranging from 8 to 2. My husband and I have no problem getting them to bed because of school the next day. However, I do have this friend I do want to help with her 2 year old. According to my friend her LO never gets to bed past one in the morning. She is stumped and doesn't know what to. She has tried warm baths, Benadryl, and just putting the child in the bed (the child throws a temper tantrum until she throws up). Nothing works for her. Apparently the child will not crash until way after midnight. I would really like to help my friend.

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