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two year old bullying
michbe1972 posted:
Hi I have a two year old daughter and a 6 yr old. My two year old is randomly attacking other kids. It started out if there was a child she wanted to play with and they wouldn't play with her she would keep trying to get closer. If she had the opportunity she would hug them and not them go...if they tried to get away she would bite them.
Yesterday we were at a playground and she went up to some girl from behind we had no conatact with while there and pulled her down from behind. I grabbled her before she could bite her. I just cannot make any sense of what is going on. She speaks full sentences and can tell us what she wants and more. Anyone have any input!
ariannasmommy1125 responded:
How do you normally discipline her? I think if it was my DD, I would speak fimly to her (not yell) that hitting, biting, etc is not ok and then put her in time out. Then, make her say she is sorry.

Another question is how much socialization does she get? Is she used to playing with other kids (besides siblings)? That could possibly be a factor?
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:

Don't forget to check in on our Parenting Community . Dr. Adesman our resident pediatrician is there and might have some input on that. :) Then please come share what he suggests with the rest of us, if you decide to do that.
michbe1972 replied to ariannasmommy1125's response:
Thank you for your reply. She is very socialized. We do playgroups, playgrounds, music class.
I just can't pin point why she is doing this.
Shena1981 replied to michbe1972's response:
I'd say it's regular 2 year old stuff. My DD went through a period where she was always going after my nephew. She would do whatever she could to hurt him. She also loves giving hugs and kisses and if a kid wasn't receptive she'd push or hit them. I just kept telling her it wasn't nice and to give people space. She got TO if she didn't listen and eventually it stopped.

Mom, Dad and Kidlet
clovertine responded:
My friend's DD does the same thing & she doesn't understand why. I agree with the PP that it seems to be a phase they go through. I think it might be done in an effort to get attention (maybe from the other kid?).

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