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Class Name Question
tiff93722 posted:
I was offered a new teaching position where I work and I accepted it! I will now be teaching preschool! I have all summer to prepare my classroom which is currently a blank slate. Each teacher usually comes up with a cute name for the class. While looking for supplies I found this really cute monster set of cut outs, boarders, etc. Since my last name starts with the letter "L" I thought it would be cute if we were Mrs. L***'s Little Monsters. Do you think parents would be ok with that class name? I wouldn't want anyone to be offended. Any thoughts, opinions?
ryanandleigh responded:
Well, DS attended preschool at 3 and 4 and since he goes to one run by a church, they wouldn't allow Little Monsters as a theme. Even if they are "cute", they avoid anything that could be "scary". I will admit that my DS has never really liked monsters so he probably wouldn't want to be in a room decorated with them. But that is hard to say without seeing the actual decorations. I think I would look at a different theme/class name. What age kids will you have in your class?
Leigh, Jacen (5), Alexa (2)
Shena1981 replied to ryanandleigh's response:
I think it's cute. They're made for a classroom, right? So someone else thought it was a cute way to decorate a classroom :)

Disney has a movie abut monsters and that's for kids
Mom, Dad and Kidlet
VicsEandJ responded:
I thinkit's cute too.
A lot of the characters on Sesame Street are monsters- Elmo, Telly, Zoe, Rosita, etc. and they aren't scary!
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tiff93722 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
Yes even though they are called monsters they resemble more of the Seasame Street characters, not scary at all. The whole class isn't decorated with it either, just one main bulletin board and a few other things (like cubbies, name hooks, etc).
cinder44 replied to tiff93722's response:
our school has a zoo theme for all their room names. they were in the macaw room when they were 2 & now it's the dragonfly room. there's a monkey, gecko & tree frog room.
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ariannasmommy1125 responded:
I think it is really cute and it wouldn't offend me at all. BUT, I can just see the one mom who says "Are you calling my kid a monster?"
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SAHM2myGirl responded:
I think it's cute. I also think that maybe it there were kids who were afraid of monsters and then came to your classroom and saw how cute and friendly they are, they might get over it. Also, at Little Gym the group DD was in was called the Beasts, which I didn't like. I much prefer monsters over beasts.
Shannan2007 replied to SAHM2myGirl's response:
Go for it, I think it would be cute! I refer to my child as a monster at times, so I definitely would not be offended.
tiff93722 responded:
Well I talked to my boss about my class name and she just knows that one parent will be offended by it so it's a no go!!!! Boo!

Let's see...Mrs. L's Little ?????

sarah0323 replied to tiff93722's response:

My son's class last year Ms. L's Little Crayon's.
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bella0715 responded:
I like little monkeys. My friend once told me that everyone she knows calls their kid a little monkey at one time or another, if not a regular nickname. Ladybugs might be a little feminine for boys IMHO, lol.
tiff93722 replied to bella0715's response:
Thanks! I went with Little Monkeys and found lots of cute monkey themed stuff!

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