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Teeth question
MommyLuvs02 posted:
My son is just shy of 2 years, but I figured I might find more help here than on the 1 year board (no offense to anyone on there :) )

I think his 2 year molars are coming in, but he won't let me check. He seems fine most of the time but gets very very crabby spells and has been playing with his ears more.

What can I do to soothe the pain? I've heard these hurt worst. :(
FarmWife1979 responded:
Cold icepops and drinks and softer foods helped a little but there wasn't a lot to do other than just to wait through it, for us anyway.
Holly (31) DH (37) DD (2.5 - born 11/16/07). Full-time working Mom, Wife, Library Board President, Chef, Chauffer, Maid, Toy Assembler and Repair Technician, and Chief Boo-Boo Kisser.
VicsEandJ responded:
We are a drug family.

DD was a horrible teether- nonstop screaming! This went on almost nonstop(or so it seemed) for 8 months!

We gave her infants tylenol at night and infants advil during the day. We also used nighttime oragel at night.

Neither of my kids liked teething toys for teething and that was the time when they didn't want ice- thoguh they generally both like ice chips.
Me (41), DH, DS (3), DD (1 1/2)
curleysue1968 responded:
molars take FOREVER to come in. Try meds, teething rings, ice. whatever works.

I think it took almost a full year for my daughter's to come in.
linzuh04 responded:
This is what I did to check DSs 1 yr molars.....I held him on his back on the floor and tickled he opened up wide and I could see the top and bottom. Maybe that's how you could check?

I agree with everyone else......Tylenol, Motrin, alot of times they might have a slight fever, ice pops, teething rings, I like to use toothbrushes too.....they like to chew on the adult sized toothbrushes.
ME (20s) DH (pushing 30) DD(2006) DS (2008)
MommyLuvs02 responded:
thanks everyone for the advice!! I finally got to check but didnt feel too much. I'll have to look closer later.

we have children's tylenol so we will probably use that if it gets to be too rough. and ice chips and so on of course, thanks for the great advice!!

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