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    OT TTC Rant-TMI
    cary1974 posted:
    Completely off topic I know but I just need to rant and not something I can do on my facebook with my DH grandma and mom watching.....I am SICK of having sex!!!!!! My doc has us on an every other day schedule from a week before I ovulate till a week after I am supposed to ovulate. I love my hubby, and I like sex...but it is at the point that I think both of us think of it as a chore.....Cross your fingers for me ladies that this is the month we get a BFP!
    Me(35)  DH(37)Brett(16) Morghain(14) Drew(2)  TTC4  Crazy as larks and lovin it!!
    abbygailsmom1 responded:
    Yep, it was getting to be like a chore for us too that is why we quit making sure that we hit the day I ovulated. If I happened to O and we DTD that day, great but we were tired of planning sex.

    So sorry Cary. I hope it happens soon for you so sex doesn't have to be scheduled.
    Me (30) DH (28) DD1 (5) DD2 (2) Baby 3 EDD 1/25/11
    3boysmom1981 responded:
    Fingers crossed!!! Hang in there!!!
    Me, DH and our 3 boys (5, 2.5, and 11mo)
    linzuh04 responded:
    Good Luck!!
    ME (20s) DH (pushing 30) DD(2006) DS (2008)
    Shena1981 replied to linzuh04's response:
    Well, DH decided he wants to do the sperm analysis so we haven't been having any sex AND now I can't find the stupid cup. UGH
    Mom, Dad and Kidlet
    cary1974 replied to Shena1981's response:
    Oh no!! I think if we dont' get KU either this cycle or next then DH is going to do the analysis as well. I was surpised I didn't think he would do that, but he was all "whatever"
    Me(35) DH(37)Brett(16) Morghain(14) Drew(2) TTC4 Crazy as larks and lovin it!!
    Shena1981 replied to cary1974's response:
    DH didn't want to and I didn't pressure him, but then a few days ago he said, I really want another baby. I'm going to do the SA.

    There's a lot of rules though. I wish they would have given the option to do it in a clinic and not at home, because it has to be there within 30minutes and kept warm against the body. We live 20 minutes from the lab. So when he finishes :) We ( I say we, becasue even though he wants to do it I know he won't drop it off) have to rush out and pray there's parking.
    Mom, Dad and Kidlet
    cary1974 replied to Shena1981's response:
    Well they are going to have to give us the option to do it there, cause we live 45 minutes from the clinic!! Yeah I can't see jeff dropping his off either...boys are so silly!!
    Me(35) DH(37)Brett(16) Morghain(14) Drew(2) TTC4 Crazy as larks and lovin it!!
    seeit2 replied to Shena1981's response:
    Butting in - a girlfriend of mine did this and got pulled over for speeding on the way to the clinic! She had to explain to the cop why she was going so fast but he didn't believe her until she pulled out the cup - then he backed away and was like "ok,ok, just go!" lol

    VicsEandJ responded:
    My advice is to by an ovulation kit- the one with the test strips- it costs about $20.00 but it will save your sanity because it will help pinpoint exactly when you are about to ovulate.

    It was a lifesaver with DD #2 because DS must ahve known something was up and would not let us DTD during the right time the first month we were trying for DD. He would not go to sleep unless I was out!

    We don't count it as TTC because we never even got to do it when the time was right the first month. We used the Answer one.

    With the kit you just have to have sex when the kit tells you you are about to ovulate. Having sex in the 12-36 hour period right after the stick first shows that the time is right will cut out all of the extra sex- unless you have other issues with the sperm getting to the eggs or something.

    If you dont get a BFP ths month, give it a try at least for a month or two. Sex is fun, TTC sex is work.

    Good luck- fingers crossed for a BFP this month!
    Me (41), DH, DS (3), DD (1 1/2)

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