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    KUDOS to BABYGR123
    ShanunC posted:
    I was on the 1rst tri boards and they were talking about smoking pot and being pregnant and everyone seemed to be placating this girl..
    I said something about it but didnt say what I was thinking cuz i felt hypocritcal telling this girl not to smoke pot when I smoke butts while pregnant..
    anyways the point..
    Amanda totally had the balls to say what was right and what I would have said had I had the guts.. so kudos to you for sticking up for that poor bean who would have to endure the pot
    ShanunC responded:
    sorry all.. I meant to post this on the second trimester boards.. not the 2 year old boards.. wasnt paying attention to my communities when I posted.. SORRY JUST IGNORE THIS
    TanyaJP replied to ShanunC's response:
    I know you didn't mean this for us, but this is unbelievable to me. i mean, i know it happens, but WTF???
    Tanya (36), DH (36), DS (Eric-2), DSD (Cera-11) and DSS (Trent-13). Baby 2 on the way (Max-EDD 9/28/10). 4 angels in heaven with my daddy RIP.
    ShanunC replied to TanyaJP's response:
    YUP.. you should head over to 1rst trimester and read it.. I mean some people were saying.. OH a friend of mine smoked pot her whole pregnancy and the baby is fine..
    Its like yeah now.. but whose to say down the road he doesnt have developmental issues and stuff.. I mean I had to take meds for my bipolar while I was pregnant with DD.. and yeah shes fine now.. but whose to say 5 years from now she wont have something wrong with her.. yah just never know the risk your taking..
    eden51671 replied to ShanunC's response:
    smoking pot and smoking cigarettes during pregnancy are known to have the same effects which are both very significant. The biggest difference in smoking pot is that it has legal implications. If you show up positive at the time of your delivery, CPS will get involved. heaven help you if the baby tests positive. Thats the case in Texas anyway.
    Im certain i would not be trying to justify it by saying something like "i know someone who smoked it and the baby was fine"

    Just sayin. : )
    ShanunC replied to eden51671's response:
    well thats the point I was trying to make to the girl.. its like I smoke while preggers.. YES I KNOW ITS BAD... and YES IVE TRIED TO QUIT...but I was explaining the complications just smoking can cause..if smoking a butt can cause that that girl could not deny that smoking another substance wouldnt cause the same effects..
    just because my substance isnt illegal doesnt make it any better.. but I def dont run around telling people to light up..and that my friend did it so its safe..
    its a crazy world we live in...
    I was just really glad someone told these girls to grow up..
    and Im in NH and they test me and the baby for drugs at the hospital I deliver at.. I def wouldnt want to be in there shoes if they smoke pot all this time..
    eden51671 replied to ShanunC's response:
    yep, we all have our vices. (as i drink my diet coke while being 33 weeks preg)

    I just happen to have a zero tolerence for drugs. There is NO grey area for me there. pretty rigid.

    I would go read it, but it would probably jsut make me mad. LOL
    JessHeath responded:
    I read the thread, I think thats crazy to think just because some babies are fine they all will be. I mean we know smoking anything can cause premature birth/low birth weight and I know lots of babies are born fine after people smoke whatever they smoke but some are not. I mean people at our age, probably 1/2 of our mom's smoke when they were pregnant including my husband's and he has pretty bad asthma, it was severe when he was a child, but so does my daughter and we didn't so it might have been genetic. Who knows! You do what you gotta do though, I take prescription drugs for pain (a low dose of vicodin) and I'm pregnant for chronic pain. If I don't take it, the pain is severe and my blood pressure goes up, I can't do anything and am very crabby and depressed. For that drug, the doctor knows exactly how much I take, I would never lie about it to him just in case the baby needs support afterward, and he feels that with the dose I'm taking the baby will be just fine but would like me to breastfeed so the baby still gets a low dose which I can slowly wean him from. I was planning on doing that anyway. Probably the same thing with your bipolar drugs.
    TanyaJP replied to JessHeath's response:
    i HAD to
    Tanya (36), DH (36), DS (Eric-2), DSD (Cera-11) and DSS (Trent-13). Baby 2 on the way (Max-EDD 9/28/10). 4 angels in heaven with my daddy RIP.
    ShanunC replied to JessHeath's response:
    but see thats where its like.. yah the things we take.. like your pain meds and my bipolar stuff.. i mean yah we could have problems.. but we INFORM OUR DOCS.. they are watching and monitoring and know what to look for..
    I highly doubt these girls are going to say to the doc.. hey I just smoke a J on the way here...
    so there could be problems they never know about till the baby is born.. and had the doc known they could have found out about it.. or if they just didnt do could have been prevented..
    oh well.. crazy people will b e crazy people..
    Shena1981 replied to ShanunC's response:
    I think it's just a troll stirring up trouble, but I can't stand when people respond with, well so and so did it and their kid is fine. Such an ignorant response. And the one girl who everyone she knows smoked pot while pregnant needs to get some new friends.
    Mom, Dad and Kidlet
    JessHeath responded:
    OMG, now someone is posting about drinking while pregnant on the 3rd tri boards. And of course someone posted that some people do a lot worse and have babies that are just fine. This was about a girl who was drinking 4 drinks in one evening, not just the odd glass of wine, which I know is allowed.
    mrv77 replied to JessHeath's response:
    This just came up on my FB about drinking:
    Me(30ish) DD (3)
    eden51671 replied to ShanunC's response:
    oh you might be surprised. Our patietns are pretty good about fessing up. They know they are subject to random drug testing. Everyone is. and you dont really know when it happens. If its negative, you probably wont know about it all. it just gets roped in with everything else.

    but in the twisted mind of these people that are doing the drugs, they seem to think that simply telling us that they are taking the drug somehow will make things better for them and their child.

    smokers (at least in my practice) are ALOT more likely to lie about quitting. Ironic isnt it? There is no legal implications for it. There is no random test for it, because there is nothing we can do about it. There is what we call the "sniff test" where the smell like smoke, so there is not much getting around that. Even second hand smoke, which is not usually the case, is a no no. But you can also see by low amniotic fluid, calcified placenta, heart defects.....the list goes on. Now Im not saying that all my smokers lie, but they do with far more frequency than the drug users. We always chuckle about that. Honesty makes those conversations a WHOLE easier I can tell you that.

    We all have the ability to not make the best decisions for our child. Im no exception, thats for sure. But Im with the PP that said they hate it when someone says because they knew someone whose baby was fine, that all babies must be fine. so frustrating. Just looking for a way to validate their bad behaviour.

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