Mom & DC of the Day - momofone08
mrv77 posted:
Today's Mom of the Day is momofone08 :)

*What's your name?
*Where are you from?
*What do you do?
*How many brothers/sister?
*Are you a momma's girl, or daddy's little girl?
*Who do you look up to most?
*Shoe size?
*Eye Color?
*Hair Color?
*Dream vacation?
*Favorite children's book?
*Favorite junk food?
*The one celebrity that is on your "freebie" list?
*Biggest pet peeve?
*How long after meeting SO did you do the deed?
*Pre-mommy life: wild child or tame?
*These days, Do you prefer quiet nights home, or wild nights out?
*Favorite drink: non-alcoholic and/or alcoholic?
*Favorite Fruit?
*Favorite Vegetable?
*Favorite Restaraunt?
*Which TV mom are you most like?
*SO: prince charming or PITA?
*More kids or SO done?
*Just won the lottery, what's the first thing you'd buy for yourself?
*Favorite sport?
*Favorite team?
*Favorite season?
*Last movie that made you cry?
*Dream job?
*Dream car?
*Household chore you never let SO do?
*Household chore you absolutely refuse to do?
*Worst gift ever received? Did you re-gift?
*Anyone getting on your nerves?
*Advice you'd give to a newly preggo friend?
*What is the one item you believe is a MUST HAVE for parenting? (whether it be to get you through the newborn stages, toddlers, or pregnancy.)


*City they were born in?
*Look more like you or SO?
*Act more like you or SO?
*Potty Trained? If so, at what age?
*Favorite Food?
*Favorite Drink?
*Shoe size?
*Eye Color?
*Hair color?
*Crib or Bed?
*Favorite song?
*Favorite Game?
*Favorite word or phrase?
*What age will you put them in school?
*Birth Story?
*Anything Else you would like to add?
Me(30ish) DD (3)