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Potty Training sticker charts
chantella6473 posted:
So I'm going to start potty training DD#1 next week and I have decided on using a sticker chart for rewarding her success. My question is for mom's who have tried this before. What warrants a sticker? I've heard kids get stickers for simply sitting on the potty but that to me seems to be counterproductive. I need opinions please! I just want this to be successful. Thanks!!
alliegirl77 responded:
we aren't using stickers but we are using positive praise (huge display or pride involving cheering, clapping, dancing, etc) and hugs. (we may go to more direct methods later). What deems a hug/cheer/acting like a nut ball for PT purposes of course...hugs are always handed out something actually in the potty. If there is one little drop it's a success.

If there isn't anything we get her up and say "go tell mommy/daddy (dep on who was in there with her) you tried". So she goes to us and says "I tried" to which we usually respond "that's ok. good trying sweetie" so she knows it's OK but we aren't going to make a big deal unless she does a true poopy/potty.

I don't think there is a right or a wrong way to PT you kids though so do what works best to motivate your LO. If just getting those pants down and sitting on the potty is where your LO is...I would say put a sticker on that puppy!
1stbaby2008 replied to alliegirl77's response:
Hi, we just went through the whole PT thing, and my experience was that of pp. I tried stickers in the beginning and she could have really cared less. I actually had to get some mini m&m's and try to bribe her with! That got her to going, but after, we used the praise and cheering too which she just loved. Believe me, her and her daycare tried everything before I broke out the candy!

The biggest part for me was getting it to "click" with her that pee pee goes in the potty, and that took a few frustrating days! Good luck with it!
eden51671 responded:
My son gets stickers eeryday at school for being a "good boy with no timeouts" and for staying dry all day. Its fun for him to pick the stickers out...but after that, Im wearing them on my hand within 45 minutes. LOL He also could care less about stickers. I dont know about getting them intially interested. he goes to preschool so he was interested when everyone else went. Then we got him big boy underwear and he went from going once a day in the potty, to literally potty trained in less than a week. he wears a pullup at night.

BUT...we do and have resorted to bribery when he just doesnt want to stop doing what hes doing to go. We will give him a gummy worm (he calls them "icky worms) works like a charm. praise and high fives and all that...doesnt realyl motivate him, but he does enjoy it for a second. he likes high 5s. but thats only momentary. LOL
proudmom0331 responded:
We've been potty training for about a month now. The first three weeks we acutally used skittles instead of stickers. I was home with her for the first three weeks. This past week I've returned to school and DDs daycare provider will not do candy as a rewards. In an attempt to make things as similar as possible between home and daycare, I've changed her reward to a sticker chart. I'd like to think that after a month she's past needing rewards, but she's not. She's actually had a few days of regression, so we're sticking the rewards for now.

So, to answer your questions. I do a sticker for a pee and two stickers for a poop in the potty. DDs daycare only gives a sticker if she tells her she has to go, not if she asks DD to go and she does. For just sitting but not going, I praise.

The sticker chart really excites DD and she loves putting a sticker on the chart. So I'm hoping this is going to help as she's having a hard time with going poop on the potty. Good luck!
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