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Middle of the Week Milestone: SPEECH
Amelia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Speech is a huge step for your two-year-old and personally my favorite of the toddler milestones. I remember my daughter's first word was not mommy, but TURTLE?!?

What was your little one's first word? What is he/she saying lately? Has your toddler begun to impress others and make you laugh on a regular basis with that precious new voice?

Please share your stories and any helpful methods that you are working with to improve the development of your 2 year old's speech and vocabulary. We can't wait to hear!
Best Wishes!

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Jackie03291 responded:
My daughter's first word was dog, she LOVES dog, and she gets so excited to go home everyday after daycare not to see mommy and daddy but to see her dog Bear! LOL
roni090909 responded:
Ball... To this day he still loves balls
Me (30) DH (37) DS Oct 08, New Baby Girl EDD 11/11
NewCarr1 responded:
I think DS had a few "first words"... they both came at the same time. Hi and Dada
Erin (27) DH (45) DS Mackenzie (2, born 05/26/2008, loves beep-beeps and choo-choos).
mtlmayhem responded:
Ds' first word was mama, and lately the words are "Mama, what is this? Mama where is Dada? or Mama where is the (name the letter of the alphabet) and my favourite "oh there it is!"

& Of course there are words that arent as clearcut, like coka (cracker) lol and doooo (come) but he uses them consistently in the same context...

He's learning his body parts like "nose" in English and genou (knee) in French...

His pedi just suggested we unplug all the TVs in the house so it forces us to talk to our child...I was like um... thats a little harsh and a huge assumption on your part... he's processing 2 languages and believe me French is not easy to learn!

Do you ladies think I am being to laxidasical? should I be more concerned?
roni090909 replied to mtlmayhem's response:
How old is he?

I know several kids that are learning two languages, one of them is learning French too. They definitely seem to be behind a bit but if you add up the words they know if both english and the other language they are fine. For some of the older ones, its seems like it took them a bit longer to pick it up but once they did they ran with it. For the most part they are very good at going back in forth with it. In most cases one parent speaks to them in one language and the other uses the other language. Occasionally they will do half and half sentences.

At this point I probably would be too concerned unless he is closer to 3, even then I don't know how concerned I would be.
Me (30) DH (37) DS Oct 08, New Baby Girl EDD 11/11
mtlmayhem replied to roni090909's response:
thanks for your reply Roni, he just turned 2 on the 13th of august... i was just taken aback by his comment...

he understands and follows requests in both languages, so it isnt as though he doesnt understand. its just his daycare is full french and we speak both at home, but my family who he sees a lot of is unilingual english... i just hope we arent confusing him too much.

my fear is not finding a balance between expecting too much and putting too much pressure on him to learn both vs not putting enough emphasis on a good basis in one language to begin with...kwim?

I thought up until yesterday he was doing ok all things considered him being 2 and all (i learned french as a teen but never spoke it as frequently as i do since i met dh)- but the pedi made me feel like we arent doing enough... but suggested nothing otherwise.

we cant be the only community who switches between languages... we can start in one and end up in the other and its so common, its almost its own half and half language!
MommyLuvs02 responded:
My oldest son's first sound was da and muh but his actual first word was butt. lol gee thanks grandma!! lol. she was sayin it as a joke and he just started copying her!
nursingbug responded:
my daughter's was shoe- I know I am in trouble!
Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to mtlmayhem's response:
Hi mtlmayhem,

I meant to send this last week, but got carried away. I think that it is GREAT that you have your little one learning two languages already!

According to the article, Never Too Early To Learn Second Tongue , children who are taught a second language have an easier time learning different varieties of skills due to the understanding and early use of switching their focus back in forth. I just wanted to share the article and say good job mama!
Best Wishes! Amelia
alliegirl77 responded:
her first word was cat...ugh. i hate cats. I kept trying to get something, anything other than cat out of her but no deal. she likes cats. she is DH's child for sure.!

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