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Can a milk alllergy develop after 2 years old?
amrebeka22 posted:
My son (2 years, 2 months) has been drinking Vitamin D milk and eating yogurt for breakfast every day since he was about 1 (he is extremely picky). He has had no problems. This week, he started vomiting after breakfast. We cut out milk and yogurt and he seemed better (just a little diahrea). We started giving him yogurt again and he was ok (still a little diahrea). Today, he woke up and asked for milk. I gave him some 1% organic milk and he downed it and asked for more. Within about 5 - 10 minutes, he vomitted all of the milk back up. He has since held down water (with a little apple juice). Is it possible to develop a milk allergy at this age? Could it be lactose intolerant? I know you can be allergic to milk without being allergic to all dairy, but I am not sure what I should cut out. All dairy? Just milk for a while? As I said, my son is extremely picky so I am really nervous about cutting out all dairy! Any help is appreciated!!!
KatieS83 responded:
yes it is possible to develop allergies with repeated exposure. I would call the doctor before you expierement with anything more. Cutting Dairy out their is not the end of the world (my son has severe allergies to Dairy, eggs, and nuts), my son by the book is missing out on all the definite nutrition he needs at this age. He is doing fine with his Soy Milk, and meats, and cereals, his veggies (when he opts to eat them), fruits etc, he takes a multi vitamin everyday. It is possible its a stomach bug where he still has diarrhea, it may not be an allergy at all, I wold call his doc on Monday and express the concern, it could just a lactose thing, or a Whey intolerance, theres a number of things it could be, if milk is upsetting him, i would stear clear until you see a doctor. Hope that helps!
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Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi amrebeka22,

I hope that your son is doing okay! It is possible for him to develop a milk allergy. Please make sure to take him to his pediatrician or even an allergist! I was always led to believe that food allergies were shown mostly through hives, rashes and troubled breathing, BUT after reading the article below, his symptoms could be either from lactose intolerance or having a milk allergy. Only a doctor can really determine which condition your son is dealing with, so it is important to find out and be prepared, in case a situation of breathing troubles ever occurs. I wish your son and you the very best! Please keep us posted on how he is doing and what the pediatrician says! Take care!!! :)

Best Wishes! Amelia

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