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Lauren_Flores posted:
Does anyone know what you can give a two year old for a blister in the mouth. My son had been complaining today that his mouth was hurting and i checked it out and he has a blister, i feel so bad cause i know it's uncomfortable for him but i don't know what i can give him. Does anyone have an answer to what i can do for him and how to make it heal???
emily8091457 responded:
Hmmm I don't really have a good answer... where is it in his mouth?? Could it be from sucking his thumb or something else and it's caused a blister? Or could it be he ate something too hot that blistered him? I think hand, foot and mouth can cause blisters??? Not sure.

As for how to help it heal... I have no clue. It's hard when it's in the mouth... can't really put ointment on it very well, you know? I would say swish like saltwater or something... but I don't know that you can really get a two-year-old to do that. Maybe put a call into your pedi and see what they say. Luckily, the mouth is a part of the body that heals pretty quickly.
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linzuh04 responded:
I get them from drinking citrus...OJ, pineapple, Vit C tabs, pretty much anything like that leaves "blisters" in my mouth. Stress is also a cause. You can use oragel, and tylenol/motrin, but other than that, you have to wait it out.
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An_222737 replied to linzuh04's response:
tylenol/motrin brands shouldn't be on the shelf anymore as it has been recalled. Use generic brands.

Good luck!
TyPatrick08 responded:
Check with your pedi first something we prescribe at my office is "Magic Moutwash" 1/2 tsp of benadryl mixed with a 1/2 tsp of maalox regular strength. But Please Please check with your pedi first.
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katieb426 responded:
It could be the hand, foot, and mouth virus. It's very common in young children. If that's the case, he will be contagious for a while. It manifests in different ways in children. Some get fevers and blisters everywhere. Some just get a few sores in their mouths. Hope he feels better soon!
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