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sitter vent
chantella6473 posted:
Okay, let me just say that all in all. My sitter is pretty good. My girls love her, she treats them VERY well and I trust her whole heartedly. That being said, I still have some complaints and I just need to rant for a second.
So yesterday DD#1 (who is 2 1/2 and potty trained) had an accident and peed through her underwear and clothes. This is rare for her. However, instead of taking into account that she is only 2 1/2 and relatively new to the underwear thing my sitter automatically assumes she has a UTI. DH told me this and all I could say was "Or she's TWO and still has accidents!" It's just annoying. Also, she has recently changed her rules to if one of my girls are sick then I have to keep them BOTH out of daycare. I'm sorry but taking TWO children to the doctor at the same time is tough. And why should the other one have to stay home and suffer b/c the other is sick? *sigh* LIke I said, she's not a bad person and she does treat our girls well but we just feel like sometimes she wants more $$ for doing less. She often tries to guilt us into keeping our kids out of daycare if it's close to the holidays and she only has to watch them while the other parents dont bring their kids. Um, DH and I BOTH have jobs. Her other parents are STUDENTS and have time off. And plus, we pay her whether our kids are there or not so if we want our kids there, they're going. If we have a day off, we keep them at home a lot but sometimes, I still take them b/c it's the ONLY time housework gets done or it's the ONLY down time I get in a week. I shouldnt be made to feel guilty especially if I'm paying her regardless. KWIM? Sorry this is so long but like I said...I just needed to vent. Thanks!
katieb426 responded:
Sounds frustrating. You do have a contract with her, right? If not, I recommend you get these issues in writing so that there is no confusion.
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chantella6473 replied to katieb426's response:
Yeah, we have a contract. I just feel like I cant complain b/c she could easily say "well if you dont like it then leave" kwim?

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