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My almost 2 year old daughter gets choked just about everytime she drinks anything!
DooleyML posted:
Water, milk, juice, soda, anything and everything! Its like whatever she drinks it goes down the wrong way and she coughs and goes on drinking. Anyone ever hear of this happening and is it something I should get a DR. to check out?
ryanandleigh responded:
Yes, if it happens all the time, you probably should see the doctor about it. My daughter when she was born had to see a speech therapist for the first 6 weeks because she was swallowing improperly.
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DooleyML replied to ryanandleigh's response:
Thanks, I guess I just needed to hear that it is something to be checked out and not my imagination. I will do that, hopefully its something that is fixed easily.
cduffy responded:
So she's older, not a baby like the prior post was saying her 6 week old need speech therapy?

Has it always happened from day one with breast milk/formula? Or is this something new? If it's new, have you maybe switched to new new "older" kid sippies or gone to real cups? If that's the case, then maybe she is just drinking too fast and is readjusting to that. My DD does that sometimes if she drinks too fast, but it's not everytime. If it's been going on from day one, have you ever asked the doc about it?
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DooleyML replied to cduffy's response:
She hasnt done it from day one. Shes 22 months now and it started bout 1 to 2 months ago after she got over the croup. She drinks out of regular sippy cups and she can drink out of a regular cup too. I thought maybe she was drinking way too fast, and Im kinda hoping thats whats going on but every else too has noticed it and no one in my family has ever heard of a child getting choked so often. It doesnt seem to affect her in drinking because after she gets down coughing she starts drinking again. I havent taken her yet because we are visiting family but when we get home I was going to see what a Dr. says about it.
MariasMama2010 responded:
I know this is kind of late (a year already) but my (now) 26 month old chokes on EVERYTHING she drinks, EVERY TIME she drinks and this has been happening since she was born (as soon as my milk came in). I thought she choking because my milk came out too fast but then it started when she weaned and I thought she just drank too fast but now I'm overly concerned because lately she's been choking so bad that she spits out what she drinking and today she spit apple juice all over me, my cellphone and the floor. We have switched pediatricians because the one she had from birth moved out of state and I am not too fond of her new one =/ Not sure what I should do, and any help is greatly appreciated!
Ihgirl1066 replied to MariasMama2010's response:
I would def try a speech therapist, if she has done this since birth there has to be something causing this and hopefully they can find the reason. So glad she hasnt aspirated or gotten pneumonia from doing this! Good luck!
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autnchris responded:
My daughter just turned 2 in November and she chokes everytime she drinks something. She is still using a bottle. I am actually taking her to the pediatrician this morning.

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