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When did you "pop" in subsequent pregnancies
An_222821 posted:
I am 9 weeks along with my 2nd and trying to keep it quiet for awhile. Due to morning sickness I've actually lost 4 lbs, then gained 1 lb back. I just wondered when you popped with your pregnancies after the first one, so maybe I'll have a timetable on how long I have, lol. TIA
ryanandleigh responded:
I couldn't even begin to guess but I know I showed much earlier the second time around. I am petite and the first time around I started "showing" at about 5 months. The second time I am thinking it was probably obvious by 3 months.
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earleyml1012 responded:
I'm 17 weeks with my second and I started showing at 13 weeks. So much, that I went to maternity clothes at that time. I had a slight bump prior but nothing that others really noticed. I was able to keep mine a secret until my 12 week appointment but even after we told people I had a few say they thought I was looking pregnant. So I'm thinking by the end of your third month you'll start showing. Enjoy and good luck with the pregnancy!! :c)
lenono97 responded:
I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second. I know I started wearing maternity clothes a week or two earlier this time around, but mostly because they were nicer then my regular clothes! I had an easy time keeping it quiet until 12 weeks and most people couldn't tell until about 16-18 weeks.
kmcarnag responded:
With my first, I made it to 18 weeks before I started wearing maternity clothes. Some people still didn't realize I was pregnant until 38 weeks (when I said I was going out on maternity leave). For number 2 I made it to 21 weeks before I needed maternity clothes. I did look pregnant by about 34 weeks with her. By 38 weeks, I probaby looked about 6 months pregnant but by 39.5 weeks I looked 8 or 9 months along. It came on all at once (even though weight gain was bout the same for both (33 lbs)). I'm kinda tall (5'8") with average-large frame so the babies have lots of room in there.
ralica replied to kmcarnag's response:
I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and I feel fat, but can't say that I have a baby bump yet. I definitely start looking pretty thick around the waist though right around this time. This is my 3rd, I generally carry big belly, with my other 2 I often got asked if I am carrying twins - cute ah? Even with my first! Well, i don't really care to keep things a secret for any period of time, I'd rather tell that I am prego, than have people look at me and wonder if I am getting fat. I generally gain about a pound, a week, till about 36 weeks and then stop.

Good luck! Enjoy it!
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