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2 year old wont keep diaper on does not want to potty train
ma77546 posted:
So we all know diapers are expensive. My son is 28 mo old he is refusing to even try to potty train. Now for about 2 months everytime I put him to bed when we wake up his diaper is on the floor, he usually uses the bathroom before I can get up and get him on the toilet or a new diaper on. Has anyone else went through this. We put pajamas on him, big boy underwear over his diaper I have started pull ups but it does not mattrer he still will not keep anything on.
ryanandleigh responded:
My daughter went through a similar phase though not at nap time (since she had stopped napping by 28 months). It lasted a few weeks and there wasn't much that I found that worked. Try putting a onesie on him and then pants. You could go check on him after he went to sleep and see if the diaper is on. (That was to figure out if he is removing it before the nap or after.) If it is before the nap, I would try and put another on him while he is asleep. If he takes it off after the nap, then try and get to him before he gets it off - whether that means checking on him more often or turning up the monitor so you can hear his movements. If the diaper on the floor isn't wet, I would reuse it.
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StarryGrrl responded:
My son went through this as well. I cut the feet off of footie pajamas and put the pajamas on backwards so the zipper is on his back. He wasn't able to get the pjs off, so he wasn't able to take his diaper off either. Another thing that worked for a while was taping a piece of duct tape over the flaps of his diaper. This only worked for a week or so until he discovered that he could just pull his diaper off. I know it's a frustrating phase, but it's just a phase and will pass. I hope you find something that works though to save your sanity.

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