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Finally Friday!
cyn22mull posted:
Well, Its finally Friday!!! Anyone have plans for the weekend?

My sister is picking DS up from daycare this afternoon and then after work DH and I are going to sisters house for dinner. DS may spend the night.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party, one of DH friend's little girl is turning 5. Sunday we will just relax and go swimming.

I do have to wash clothes and clean house at some point. I will probably have DH start a load when he gets home from work since he gets off earlier than me.
Cindy(35) DH (39) DS Christopher 3
Jackie03291 responded: guys might get a night alone tonight!! ;)

I am planning on taking Ava to go see her first movie in theaters tomorrow...Cars 2. Hopefully she will sit through it and have a good time!
Jackie (26) Bryan (34) Ava 10/14/08
cyn22mull replied to Jackie03291's response:
That sounds fun! Let us know how it goes. I am afraid to try and take DS to the movies.
Cindy(35) DH (39) DS Christopher 3
earleyml1012 responded:
We are going to my IL for the weekend. DH has his 10 year high school reunion tomorrow and then we'll just spend the rest of the evening with his family before heading home on Sunday.

Yes, let us know how the movie goes. We rented Tangled thinking DD would like to watch it. Unfortunately, it only held her attention for the first 10 minutes and then she was off playing again. DH thinks she would like Cars 2 but I don't want to pay all of that money just to leave part way through.
Jackie03291 replied to earleyml1012's response:
Yeah, I will definitely post an update tomorrow afternoon afterward. I was hesitant too, especially since she is not a big TV watcher and movies especially don't keep her attention for long at home, but we are going with her "boyfriend" and his older sister and I think that the experience of watching with them will keep her interest. Also, she loves popcorn, so I think that might help too! I will let you guys know how she does...hopefully it won't be a huge waste of $20!
Jackie (26) Bryan (34) Ava 10/14/08
MIOB replied to Jackie03291's response:
DS has been to two movies and did great both times. My one suggestion is not to get there too early. You don't want to wear out their patience just waiting for the movie to start! We're going to see Cars 2 in a few weeks - let us know how you liked it, too!!!

I've got my best friend's housewarming tomorrow and Sunday my mother and I are going out for dinner and a concert at the local casino. Can't wait! Especially since I took Monday off work...
sarahann1978 responded:
Fun post! We too are going to see Cars 2 tomorrow. We attempted Yogi Bear in the theater last December, and made it through all but about the last 15 minutes or so. I'm hoping now that DS is 6 months older, and the movie is entirely animated (Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Bear were the only thing animated in that movie) he will do better and be able to sit through the whole thing. I also agree that it's best to get there as the previews are rolling so they are not sitting forever before the movie. While we are in the "big city" (over 70 miles away) we will also do some shopping, and I need to have my annual eye exam.

Sunday I may work, but it's a rough life when my work involves hiking to a side canyon of the Grand Canyon to assess the ecosystem of a spring, :)! My boss and I may go tag along with a group of scientists who are heading up the work. They look at the flora and fauna, water quality and geology.

If I don't work we will have a fun day around home.
Sarah (32), DH(30), DS (Jan. 09)
cyn22mull replied to sarahann1978's response:
Be sure to let us know how the movie goes!! I guess I need to take DS to the movies eventually. At home I cant get him to sit still for a movie, but I guess it would be different in the theater.
Cindy(35) DH (39) DS Christopher 3
magsnemma responded:
I'm very interested to see how everyone's LOs do at the movie. We're planning on taking DD (also first movie) to Cars 2, just not this weekend.

This weekend I have plans to meet up with a woman I knew in junior high and high school and haven't seen since. She lives not far away and has a 3 year old boy. I think it'll be interesting to say the least! I just hope the kids get along.

Then we have a BBQ to go to at a friend's house from where we used to live.

It's also the first weekend in a long time that I don't have to work.
Ali (34) DH (34) DD (11/08) Emma (8 year-old lab)

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