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Funny things your DC says....loudly in public!
cyn22mull posted:
So...what funny things has your DC said loudly in public??

I have a a few! And he said them all LOUD!!!!

One day we were in McDonalds in line to order.....I asked DS what he wanted and he says "I want coffee" I said you dont drink coffee....DS - Yes I do....with milk. I got lots of looks....those really you let your child drink coffee looks....

We were in wal-mart - DS "Daddy wears panties" What can I say to this one.....I just played like I didnt hear :-) and left

Japaneese resturant - as we were leaving DS "Bye Japaneese cook man"
Cindy(35) DH (39) DS Christopher 3
earleyml1012 responded:
I have 2 from the same shopping trip to the grocery store.

DD was talking and said that I was an old mommy (I'm 28), so I was teasing back saying I'm not old. This went back and forth, then she decides to say that I'm a grandma. Once again we were joking going back and forth. Just then we pass a lady with gray hair but didn't look old and DD yells "She's a grandma!" I quickly pushed the cart around the corner.

Then later we are approaching a little boy screaming in his cart, DD yells "Mommy he's crying, he's being a bad boy!" Oh I wanted to die.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to earleyml1012's response:
Visiting from the 4&5 boards.

When my daughter was 2, she yelled out in the library:

"Girls has vaginas and boys has peanuts!'

I think she and her sister were discussing anatomy!

sarahann1978 responded:
My DS doesn't have words down enough to come off with something funny yet, but my oldest nephew who is now 15 once was at the doctor's office with his mom and when the doctor comes in he says "Mom, which one is my bird finger again?" My SIL gave my brother the what for when they got home!
Sarah (32), DH(30), DS (Jan. 09)
cujaybird responded:
We were at a restaurant having lunch with some friends and my 2 year old daughter leans over and sticks her arms out, grasping with her fingers and says "Touch mommy's boobies? Peeeassssee touch mommy's boobies?"
momtobegrunden responded:
About a year ago, I was just starting to read the bible and teach about Jesus to DS1. We went to a restaurant, and a man with longish hair and a beard walked in. DS pointed to him and yelled, "JESUS! Jesus is here!"

I have a mole on my neck that DS1 used to like to rub as a comfort thing. He called it my nipple, though. One of my daycare parents came to pick her kids up. DS crawled into my lap and said, "I want your nipple, I want your nipple!" The mom looked shocked and asked, "What did he just say?" So of course I had to explain!
Catherine(29). DH(40). DSD(15). DSS(9). DS1(2). DS2(3 months).

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