My 2yr old Daughter....Concern
VictoryMommy posted:
Hi I am a first time mother and I have a daughter that is now 2 years old . Now i know they are going through changes but i Have a concern. My daughter is into boy things and girl things. Like she shoots guns and rolls and dives not be hit and im talking pretend guns but she does the boy things and fights at school but then she sees a disney film or something and she is dancing and singing and all girly. Is she just finding her self or is she just being a normal 2 yr old and into everything. I could use some advice so im not concern its just a little whoa!
sliverfroggy responded:
I have a 2 year old daughter too. She is the same way. Into boy and girl things. She loves cars, all the toy story gang, Dinosaurs are her favorite thing right now, but she is also a girly girl. She loves dress up and her lip stick, dancing around and her Barbies. Now she is not into boy things like fighting though. I am not worried at all that my Daughter is into boy toys. She is only 2 and just likes what she likes. I am sure your daughter is just being herself.
lenono97 responded:
My daughter is the same way. She will play with cars one minute and her dolls the next. I am not worried about it. I think it's normal. Besides, I don't want to label toys or activities "boy" or "girl". I think she should be free to play how she wants.
speechtxjessica responded:
my daughter is the same way, one day she plays with princesses and tinkerbell, the next she wants spiderman! lol
earleyml1012 responded:
At this age, I don't think they know that these are typical boy or girl things...they just like what they like. My DD is the same way, so I think it's perfectly normal. DD loves trains, motorcycles, sports but also loves her dolls, kitchen, and playing dress up. Seems normal to I would rather her like "boy" stuff instead being 100% girly.