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My 2 year old will not give up the bottle...
XaviersMommy21 posted:
Ok I tried watever I could to get him off the bottle but it doesnt seem to be working what are some thing I can do to get him off of the bottle?
earleyml1012 responded:
I'm kind of a tough love momma, so honestly I would just put all the bottles away or throw them away and just give him sippy cups. This is what we did with DD and it took her a few days of whinning but eventually she realized that she wasn't getting a bottle anymore so she stopped. They won't let themselves go thirsty, so eventually he'll start drinking out of it. The best thing is out of sight, out of mind! So if he knows there are no more bottles, he'll get over it. It's going to be harder on you with all of the crying but stand can do it!
MIOB responded:
DS was never overly attached to the bottle, so there wasn't a huge amount of drama. However, the only advise I can give is to take a look at sippys that are 'bottle-like', start with those and slowly change to the standard sippy cup. We started DS on the Nuby Sports Sippers (they have a soft spout and are tall, like a bottle). Then he moved on the Nuby cups with the handles, more like a sippy but still with the soft top. Before long, he was using what he uses now - the Take and Toss cups (we're famous for losing them so I don't want to buy nice ones!). Like the previous poster said, I'd throw away all the bottles when you decide to make the switch - less temptation for him and you to give in!

Good luck and keep us posted!
QTpie2009 responded:
When you say he's "on the bottle" do you mean he needs a nighttime bottle with milk to go to sleep? If so, start diluting the milk with water for a few days and then finally just water. We did this with DS at 13 months and he just lost interest since he was only getting water. He is now 2 and wants a sippy cup to go to bed but mainly just holds it (kind of like you would a stuffed animal LOL) to go to sleep.
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tempymae2007 responded:
I do not know if this will work for you or what you have already tried. But this is what we did.. We started giving her a bottle only at bedtime and a sippy during the day. After about 4 months I decided that it was time to nix the bottles. So I just gave them away to my sister. It has been 2 months now since she has had a bottle. Like PP said there were a few days of whining but everytime she would say bottle I would say no you milk in a cup. After a few days she stopped asking for a bottle. She has asked only once since then which is partly due to my sister who has a 7 month old and she saw her bottle. In my case this worked, I don't know if it will for you, but I think it might be the only option right now.
jlynnpaine responded:
I have to agree with earleyml1012 . I would just tell him that he's a big boy and doesn't need bottles anymore and then either get rid of them or put them somewhere that he won't find them. Start giving him a cup, either a sippy or an open cup whichever you prefer. It'll be rough the first few days but if you don't give in, you'll get through it and he'll be fine.

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