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    2 Year Old not speaking a single word yet.
    kbiddle88 posted:
    Does anyone have any advice to help my son talk? Ive tried reading to him, singing, talking, repeating things over and over and nothing works...HELP!
    sarahann1978 responded:
    You could always have an Early Intervention evaluation done and if he qualifies they will provide therapy for him.

    I am almost in the same boat, my DS is always right at the bottom of just being able to do what the minimum is for speech for his age. I had DS evaluated at one point when he had just turned two and they said he was fine. He does speak some now, but not really in full sentences. I know I should not compare him to other kids, but I was around one of his little buddies this morning who is 4 months younger than him and he was speaking way better so it bummed me out.

    My DS does things that surprise me like being able to put the alphabet in the right order and match memory cards, so I know he is smart, he just doesn't have the speech ability yet. It's hard to be patient, but he is getting there.
    Sarah (32), DH(30), DS (Jan. 09)
    tempymae2007 responded:
    I don't know what your full situation is but here are some of the things that I have encountered through friends and family.

    1. Do you have older kids? They say that SOMETIMES the older kids talk for their younger brother or sister.
    2. Is he tongue tied? Meaning is the frenulum (sp) which is the skin that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth to long? If when he sticks his tongue out and it looks like it's forked he might be.
    3. A dr told my babysitter that sometimes kids that are advanced with motor skills are lacking in verbel skills and vice versa and eventually it will equal out but to still work with the child and maybe do some speech therapy and sign languauge.
    4. Ear problems, I heard about a little boy who wasn't talking at all and finally a dr diagonosed him with some form of ear condition which caused him to be deaf in one ear and so he didn't talk.

    My older sister has a 2 1/2 year that is going through the same thing and her dr kept putting them off, finally she called a specialist and they said that he might be autistic but they don't really like to label children. They have been doing speech therapy and occupational therapy for 3 weeks now (one day a week for each) and it has made a big difference. He still isn't up to where my 23 month old is but he is a lot better then where he was 3 - 4 weeks ago.

    Just some suggestions for you, hope this helps
    speechtxjessica responded:
    Have you had his hearing tested? How are his social skills? Give us more information so we can help you
    kbiddle88 replied to speechtxjessica's response:
    His hearing was tested at birth and I know he hears ok. His social skills...well I guess he is a little shy around other kids but around adults he is very outgoing, he smiles, laughs, claps, etc. He says Babababa sometimes, but no actual words.
    acn2008 responded:
    Specifically how old is your son?

    The reason I ask is, my daughter was 26 almost 27 months old before she began talking. She did everything else early. Her teeth came in early, she crawled, sat up, and started to toddle all in the same week, and then walked at 11 months. I too started to worry and spoke to her pedi about it. She said just to give it a few months because she had developed physically so fast, she may not talk as soon. By the time she did start talking, she was saying phrases in no time. Now she will be 3 in feb, and you can't get her to be quiet lol.
    kbiddle88 replied to acn2008's response:
    He will be 2 in november. He did everything a little late. He didnt sit up until 8 months, he crawled on hands and knees at 11 months, and walked at 19 months. Maybe he will do talking late too but that doesnt kepp me from worrying about it.
    speechtxjessica replied to kbiddle88's response:
    I say defintely have an early intervention assessment done. It sounds like he would greatly benefit from speech therapy.
    kbiddle88 replied to speechtxjessica's response:
    ok! thanks for all your help!
    BabyParks replied to speechtxjessica's response:
    Hi speechtxjessica, I am curious where I would try to see about getting my son to get an early intervention assessment done? Does his ped do it or where do we go to have it done. My son just jabbers alot. He is not very social at all. He had tubes and had hearing trouble his whole life and still has ear infections sometimes so maybe I should just get his hearing tested again to make sure.
    BabyParks replied to tempymae2007's response:
    hi thank you so much for all your information. My son has the part in between his two front big teeth that make him have a gap and the skin is connected there to the top of his gum. Dentist said it will break loose with permanent teeth but I also worry if it is causing him trouble speaking too. He is very active and outgoing personality but he does not interact with other kids his age at all. Well he isn't really around them much either because I am a stay at home mom. He can say things like Wow, what was that plain as day but as far as me really getting him to just look at things and say them, it ain't happening. He is very stubborn I think and I figure he will say them when he is ready. I know he is smart but I wonder if some speech therapy may help him too and I may need to get his hearing tested since he has had a history of bad ear infections(ruptured eardrum)and now tubes and adenoids removed so he was a sick one when he was little. Maybe he does have some hearing issues that could be causing him a little trouble. I will try to take him back to his ENT next week for an appt to get his hearing tested since it's been birth since we tested it. My son will be 2 on Oct. 8th and were around a little boy today that was really talking and said Go bye bye. Parker just says bye sometimes and waves still. He can talk when he wants but again it is not clear at all what he is saying except for the one Wow what was that sentence he says alot. We also don't have any other kids but i have noticed he will whine until he gets what hewants and i try to tell him no parker say Ball if you want the ball and he won't. He can say ball but will not say it when he wants it. So frustrating. I hope you get answers soon kbiddle88 it is so hard being around other kids. You want him to meet them but i feel bad like he is behind when we are around them.
    BabyParks replied to kbiddle88's response:
    hi please read what i wrote below it was also intended for you too! I have a son that is alot like yours. I am making him an appt with ENT just to be sure he is ok.
    BabyParks replied to BabyParks's response:
    read what i wrote above not below sorry!
    speechtxjessica replied to BabyParks's response:
    the pediatrician does not do the early intervention assessment, instead he makes a referral. He should have referall services for ECI or private clinics.
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    My DS was evaluated when he was a bit older than 18 months. In California, we have a program called Alta Regional Services that provides services such as speech therapy for children under age 3 at no cost. He was diagnosed with a speech delay and has been in speech therapy since he was about 2. He's now four and is in speech therapy twice a week through the school district (the district took over when he turned 3) and twice a week through our insurance and we have seen improvement.

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