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Anon_167186 posted:
Just being curious, would you allow your child to call you by your name, or only mom, momma, dad, daddy etc. I know growing up i would not call my mother by her name it was disrespectfull, but then i married a man who calls his mother by her name. I would like your input. He thinks itll be okay to allow our child call me by my name, but i would prefer not.
MIOB responded:
I definitely couldn't do it. I'm even sad with the transition right now from 'Mommy' to 'Mom'. To me, it's a title of honor and there's no way I'd give that up.
earleyml1012 responded:
We have taught DD our names but when she calls out for us, if she uses our name we correct her by telling her it's mom or dad. I think too it's a respectful thing. My dad calls his mom by her first name and I asked why, he told me it was b/c he doesn't respect her enough to call her mom. I also encourage DD to call her teachers "Ms" instead of just their first name.
jlynnpaine responded:
I think at this age, it's not a big deal, but as they get older, say in junior high, etc and are using my name to be disrespectful, then yes, I'd have a problem with it. DD knows mine, DH's, and my parents first and last names. She talks about them, but rarely calls us by the names.
Jodi (27) DH (24) Shaelynn (2)
magsnemma responded:
I'm with you, I don't prefer it either. If she calls me or DH by our first names, I do correct her but don't make a big deal of it. Usually she does it when I'm calling for DH and she parrots me. My opinion, if you want it, is that what you want your child to call you should trump what other people think. If your DH wants your child to call him by his first name, he would have that option also.

I think the only time I ever use my mom's first name is in a crowd, since she doesn't respond to mom anymore.
Ali (34) DH (34) DD (11/08) Emma (8 year-old lab)
countrygirlkay replied to magsnemma's response:
My mother doesnt respond to mom anymore either, if we would be at walmart and i would say mom ten other moms turn around lol
ryanandleigh responded:
DS is 6 and knows both mine and DH's name. He will sometimes say "Ryan is on the phone" instead of Daddy but that is what pops up on the TV screen when the phone rings. He doesn't usually call us by our first names we gently remind him to use Mom or Dad instead. I don't think I want either DC to call us by our first names. If your DH wants to have your DC call him by his name, that would be his choice but if you prefer to be called "Mom" than that is your choice and he should respect it.
Leigh, Jacen (6), Alexa (3)
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
I believe that it is a preference, but also teaching respect for elders and people in general is a parent responsibility. Growing up in the south, my mother would have lost her mind if I called her by her name! I received a spanking for not saying maam or sir, so I wouldn't have thought of testing it.

Don't forget to consider your surroundings, though in the end it is up to you!
Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

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