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underweight - please help
An_239725 posted:
my son is now 2 years and 4 months old. hasn't gained any weight in the past 3 months. still couldn't eat on his own. every meal is a mini-struggle. one meal could drag on for almost an hour. sometime we even have to chase him around to get him to eat.

as for formula, everyone recommend that we should give him at least 20 a day, but the most he can get in is about 17 to 18. we changed to locatose free milk a couple weeks ago. we were thrilled that his intake increased a great deal at the beginning. however, now things are back to normal

any advices are much appreciated at this stage.

concerned parents
lenono97 responded:
Can I ask why he is on formula? Did the doctor recommend this for weight gain? If so, fine. However, I wonder if the formula is filling him up so he is not hungry at meal time. Unless doctor recommended I would cut back on the formula and see if that increases his food intake or offer it at least an hour or two before a meal. Did the doctor tell you he is underweight? The first year is when kids really gain weight. After that it slows down. Not gaining in the past three months wouldn't really concern me, unless of course your doctor is concerned. Some kids are just smaller, just like adults! I wouldn't force food. He can probably sense your stress and it's stressing him as well. I would offer a balanced meal and let him eat what he wants. Cut the food up in bit size pieces and let him eat with his fingers. I also would not chase him around. He probably thinks its a game! I believe kids will eat when they are hungry and will not starve themselves and forcing food may lead to over eating or bad habits later in life. However, if the doctor is really concerned about his weight, it may be time to schedule another appointment.
BabyParks responded:
I have a very pick eater and also have to do all kinds of things to get him to eat. He will be two in oct. We usually put things on the lap top for him to eat or use the TV at times. Sometimes he eats ok but sometimes he doesn't. Parker has been about the same weight for a while. I am not too concerned as long as he has a belly that goes out some and he eats when he is hungry so I dont worry too much. I think they do that and stay at a stand still for a while. I would ask the dr. to be sure tho. I am very concerned too tho about my son and something else so I will post that on a discussion too. Hopefully others are experiencing similar things but I doubt it.

Just mention to dr tho cause I do have a friend that had a son diagnosed with something to do with textures. He has a hard time with any kind of texture even today and will not eat certain foods. It was something he was diagnosed with so as the dr. about it. I dont think this is the issue but you never know. Just ask to be sure. Good luck!

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