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sdadkin posted:
Right now my 2 year old DS's favorite word is NO! Whenever we tell him to do something he automatically replies with the word no even if it's something that he wants to do. Sometimes he will do what we say even after he says no, but a lot of the times he is very defiant. I know that this is pretty normal for a 2 year old, but how do we break him from this habit?
QTpie2009 responded:
Yes, my 2-year-old does that too. It is so annoying! He's been doing it for close to six months now so I'm sorry to say I don' t know how to break them of it.
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scperdomo responded:
DS would do that too for the longest time (he's about 2 1/2). He would say no to every little thing, even things I was positive he wanted to do.

So, when I would ask him a question and it was something I knew he wanted, I would then ask him "what do you want" in that particular situation. Like if I had asked him he wanted some milk and he said no, I would then ask him what he wanted and he would "milk". So, I would ask him again, do you want milk, he would say no and I would say yes. It sounds confusing, but it totally worked.

He still does the whole "no" thing sometimes, usually when he's tired and cranky. But he understands "yes" now, whereas before I just don't think he understood the correct context in which to use it and so often, we spend so much time telling our kids "NO" to stuff, that of course that is going to end up being the more predominant response, right?

Good luck, I hope you find a way that works for you!
earleyml1012 replied to scperdomo's response:
That's the biggest thing...try not to tell them no. We found that the more we said no to DD the more she would use it back. So we started telling her don't do that or it's not nice to do that and then we notice a decrease in her using no. She'll be 3 in less 2 months, so now when she says no when we ask her to do something we give her one warning to stop saying no and do it or she goes in time-out. Works well for us. Good luck! Every toddler goes through this phase.

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