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    OT: Job Interview Question
    earleyml1012 posted:
    This is about my DH but I was hoping you ladies might have some feedback.

    Monday DH has an interview for a leadership position within his department and he's the only one from his department applying for it. However, his boss said that she has 5 other canidates from both outside the company and from within. DH said he saw one guy come in for an interview the other day and he was wearing a business suit, this guy already works for the company. So I asked DH if he was planning on wearing a suit and he said no b/c he doesn't want to "flaunt" it in front of his other co-workers that he has the interview. I think he should since it appears good to the interviewer even though that's his current boss. Any thoughts?
    Jackie03291 responded:
    In my opinion, yes, he should wear a suit. I know that it might seem strange to wear a suit if you normally don't, but I think that it makes you appear serious for the job, especially since he knows that someone else has worn one as well.

    My husband works in security, which is as far away from suits and ties as you can get, yet he always wears a suit to an interview, because it just seems like the right think to do. Just remind him to wear a t-shirt under his dress shirt and then when the interview is over, he can hang up his jacket, take off the tie and unbutton the top couple of buttons on his shirt so he is a little more casually dressed for the remainder of his day.
    Jackie (26) Bryan (34) Ava 10/14/08
    cyn22mull responded:
    IMO i think that yes he should wear a suit. Maybe if he feels uncomfortable or overdressed he can leave the jacket off until its time for the interview. Good luck to your DH and I hope the interview goes well!!
    Cindy(35) DH (39) DS Christopher 3
    magsnemma responded:
    He could wear the suit and bring clothes to change into afterwards. I know that in my company, where everyone wears shorts and t-shirts in office, whenever you wear a suit it's like wearing a sign that says "I have an interview." But it's still good practice and I think it's a sign that he's taking it seriously. Always better to overdress for an interview.

    Good luck to your DH, I hope he gets the position!
    Ali (34) DH (34) DD (11/08) Emma (8 year-old lab)
    lenono97 responded:
    Yes, wear the suit. It's the professional thing to do. My friend interviewed for a job about a year ago. He wore a shirt and tie (on the recommendation of my spouse). He noticed the guy interviewing after him did not wear a shirt and tie. My friend got the job. Coincidence, maybe, but what if the other guy lost the job just because he did not wear a tie? First impressions are important as well as a sense of professionalism. Good luck!

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