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Bedtime potty training
QTpie2009 posted:
My DS has been potty trained for 3 months now (since he was 25 months). However, he still wears a diaper to bed. Any pointers on eliminating the diaper at bedtime? Thanks.
Me (28), DH (31), Kayden Riley born 06/09/09
Jackie03291 responded:
My biggest tip is to try to refrain from letting him drink at least an hour if not more before he is supposed to go to the bed. Make sure that he sits on the potty right before bed and then last just switch him over to underwear and make sure that you have plenty of extra waterproof mattress covers. It can be frustrating to have to change sheets in the middle of the night, but I think that kids pick it up MUCH quicker once they learn that they can't just pee in underwear and remain comfortable throughout the night. My daughter potty trained very easily and very quickly throughout the night using some of this tips. Good luck!
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bgabert responded:
I just potty trained DD last week (she's 28 months).
I just took away all diapers and went from there.

Right now, I don't let her drink anything 2 hours prior to before bed. I also get her to pee (or try to) twice before getting into bed. If she goes pee, great, if not then that's okay too.
So, anyways, we cut off liquids at 7 and then start the bedtime process, go pee, get jammies on, read a book, go pee, brush teeth, etc etc. then bedtime is at 9pm. (If DD hasn't gone pee at least once then I will wake her up around 10:30 and get her to go then)
Then when DH leaves for work at 6am, he wakes DD up and gets her to go pee again. She has had one nighttime accident since Tuesday when we started.

If you DS is potty trained then he knows the sensation of needing to pee, by waking him up an hour or so after he's been asleep and before he normally wakes up in the morning it shows him it's ok to get up to pee during the night and it's even expected!
Good luck!
Also, a waterproof mattress pad is a good investment in case!
MarciGolden replied to bgabert's response:
Did you follow any sort of method... i have been reading a bunch out there. I am trying to potty train a 22 month old, he is showing very promising signs. Any suggestions would be amazing!
QTpie2009 replied to MarciGolden's response:
MarciGolden: I am the one who originally put up this post. That was three months ago. I have been limiting how much he drinks and also took the advice of my mother.... she said he will eventually learn on his own how to hold it through the night. So, three months later and I am still putting Pullups on him at night BUT, he is only wet maybe once every two weeks!! Are you asking about potty training in general? If you are, this is what worked for us- When using pullups during the day I felt like he had more accidents. So my mom suggested just leaving him underwear. From that point on he potty trained much quicker. Of course you are going to have to change his pants several times a day but he will eventually catch on and you will feel so proud! He also had an older cousin to look up to because she was potty training a little before him and he thought it was cool. We also would give them an M&M or a Skittle after they pottied on the toilet.
Me (28), DH (31), Kayden Riley born 06/09/09

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