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OT- Birth Control...
sdadkin posted:
What is everyone using?

Before I got pregnant with my first DS I didn't really use anything. After he was born I was on the mini pill because I was bf. I stayed on it until we started to try for our second baby (thought it would take us longer than it did. lol) And after DS2 was born I did the mini pill again while I was breastfeeding. I kept forgetting to take the pill, so after I stopped bf I started the depo shot. I have only had one dose of it (almost 3 months ago) and I can already tell I am gaining weight on it and I hadn't lost all of my baby weight yet. I can't stop eating! It's horrible. I love not having a period though.

Before I got the depo shot I thought about getting Mirena, but after my insurance it was still going to cost around $700 and we definitely can't afford that right now. We still want to have one more child but not for a few more years. Is there anything else I could take? TIA!
Me 26, SO 26, DS1 (7/22/09), DS2 (5/03/11)
MAllen81 responded:
I used the pill - orthotricyclo. Really had no problems until getting back on it after DS2. I was really crabby and had no sex drive. After switching to something else, I finally decided to get off the pill and voila, I was back to normal! My DH was very happy, too. And I'm sure my kids were, too. We knew we wanted 1 more DC, so we just used condoms. I'm not gonna lie, it sucked! But we ended up having DS3 as planned, and 3 weeks later DH got a vasectomy!
jlynnpaine responded:
Before having DD, I was on Orthocept and loved it. After having her, I tried the minipill since I was bfing. However, I bled continuously for months while on it, so I finally quit taking it and we just used condoms until she weaned at 14 months. Then I went back to Orthocept until we were ready to ttc #2. I'm now 11 weeks pregnant, so no birth control necessary for now. After this baby, I plan to try the Mirena.
Jodi (27) DH (24) Shaelynn (2)
sarah0323 responded:
What about the Nuva Ring? You insert if for 3 weeks then remove it for a week and then insert a new one.

You don't have to remember to take a pill every day.

I was allergic to it otherwise I would have continued to use it.
Me 32,DD 11, DS1 6, DS2 4, DS3 3, EDD 11/19/10

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