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    2 year old, DS
    tami09 posted:
    Hi I am new to this site, but I peek now and then to see if there are is any good advise, when it comes to my 2 year old DS. He is now going through what I believe is the terrible two's. He is with my mom during the day while my husband and I are at work! He is very active little boy and praise my mom for helping me out with him. He is all of a sudden only at my mom's house when he is about to take his nap, putting his fingers down his throat, which is causing him to gag and sometimes throw up. My mom does not know what to do, he only does it sometimes and only at her house. Can someone help with a little advise? Thank you so much...
    sdadkin responded:
    My DS did this a few months back. Basically you just have to ignore it and he will eventually stop. He is only doing it for attention and if you don't give him any then he will eventually move on to something else. It worked for my DS.
    Me 26, SO 26, DS1 (7/22/09), DS2 (5/03/11)
    tami09 replied to sdadkin's response:
    Thank you, for sharing! Have a great day....

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