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2 yr old not listening
KDE0824 posted:
Every time I tell my 2 year old son NO or to STOP, he does not listen. . After so many attempts I tend to raise my voice. I feels if I am hollering at him all the time. Any recommendations.
tothebeach4 responded:
This is pretty normal behavior for this age. He is testing his boundaries and telling him "no" or to "stop" is going to do much of anything (except teach him the words "no" and "stop"... we had the same issue, lol).

What has worked for us is... when our son is doing something we don't want him to do, we get down on his level so we can look eye to eye with him (while he's standing), make him look at us and tell him in a firm yet calm voice, "we do not do xyz (whatever it is he was doing)" and then we redirect him to another activity, "how bout we color/play cars/ build blocks (etc.) instead"... and then get on the floor and play with him for a little while.

Hope this helps... try to stay patient... I know it's tough.
katedelill responded:
My son will be 2 in march. When he turned 1 i started to enforce rules and routines. Hes hit that time where he wont listen as well. i calmly tell him that if he keeps doing it he will go to his room or get the punishment that was previously taught. he doesnt like being punished and will stop what hes doin 3/4 of the time.
if you set down particular rules with specific punishments then follow through with them every time the child will eventually learn whats not allowed. if you use time out start the time after they are calm and use one minute for each year old they are. Reward them when they have a day with very few bad times. before long they will realize good behavior gets good attention and bad behavior gets bad attention.
hlvmom10 responded:
My son 19 months does this too.. When we both get upset I just say " Hausten, look at mommy in the eyes....." and then i explain why we cannot do that ..eye contact is key in my opinion. And get down on his level.. it really helps!
sdadkin replied to hlvmom10's response:
My 2 year old has started misbehaving recently. I guess he is kind of testing us. Whenever I ask him to do something he says "No. I don't want to." I tried the "Look mommy in the eyes" like you suggested and it has been working! Thanks for the advice!
Me 26, SO 26, DS1 (7/22/09), DS2 (5/03/11)
hlvmom10 replied to sdadkin's response:
Yay I am so glad it works for you too . It makes alot of sense..we talk face to face, why not talk to your kids face to face..instead of talking down to to them


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