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2 yr old son trouble understanding...and have potty training questions....
needinganswer posted:
My son speaks in short sentences and seems to understand certain things. However my boyfriend keeps telling me that my son is "slow", because he doesn't really follow certain commands. For example, we tell him to chew his food, he will look at us "confused", and then spits it out. We have tried showing him how we chew our food (to get him to mimic), and he simply won't do it. It isn't that my son doesn't know how to chew, as he has been doing it for quite some time. The concern is that we tell him to "chew", and it's as if he has NO CLUE what that means, even if we show him and tell him what it is. Also, if we ask Anthony how he is doing, he either will look confused or give us an answer totally unrelated to the question. Example: "Did you have a good day" or "Were you a good boy today". His response is "My Anthony". I don't know what to do. Most of the time, my son, if he doesn't know the answer to a question, will just look confused and/or start crying. I don't know how to teach him any other way. l'm starting to wonder if my boyfriend is right and I have just been "blinded" by my love for my son, or if it is just my boyfriend having lack of patience. Maybe both? Also, my son has issues communicating that his diaper is dirty, yet has gone on the "big boy potty" several times. How do I get him properly potty trained, especially if he truly is having communication/cognative issues?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello and Welcome needinganswer -

I am sorry to hear you are struggling with these issues. I know you want to know if your son is OK and also figure out how to help him communicate and potty train, one of the best things you can do is schedule an appointment with his pediatrician to go over your concerns, your son's behaviors and responses.

It is difficult to give answers over a message board, but we can provide you with some resources to help out. You can also post specific questions to Dr. Benaroch, our expert on our Parenting Community for possible response.

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Please let us know if this is helpful,
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