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2 year old with green stool
An_245683 posted:
About 3 weeks ago I took my son in the dr. because he was complaining his peepee was hurting, but no signs of uti. There was a low grade fever. So she thought maybe he was really constipated. But I didn't think so, it seemed normal. But I made sure to feed him more fiber foods.
WE eat pretty healthy!
Very little juice and if we do I fill it with 1/2 water.
Shortly after the visit his stool was green for a couple of days and was complaining about stomach pains here and there. But kind of went away.
Now two days ago he complained of stomach pains and his stool has turned green again. yesterday he threw up, but today just the green stool.
I read it might be drinks with dyes, well he doesn't drink that. on rare occasions, and I don't believe he has had any recently.
the only dairy he eats is yogurt.
And we do eat a lot of vegetables, but a variety and not to make stool green.
I haven't noticed any fevers this time unless they are low grade and I havent checked.
Any suggestions? Maybe I should just take him in on monday.

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