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parenting rage anyone?
chrissyzajac posted:
am going to admit something that is very hard to say. i always knew i got mad fast when it came to certain things but i think i may have parenting rage. it upsets me sooo much that im this way and my 2 year old baby girl gets most of it. i never hit her or call her names but i di get really mad and yell a lot. especially when she whines (which is most of the day over anything), does something bad (taking naptime diaper off and then pooping or peeing everywhere, pulling all her folded clothes out of the drawers, etc...), or fights her naps when she is real tired. i go from fine to boiling mad in 2 seconds flat. i know i learned my stress managment from my mom (shes the same way) but i dont want to be thins way. ive tried to fight it but being a single mother that despite living with her parents and 2 younger siblings and older brother i do EVERYTHING myself. nobody helps with her. ive become used to doing it myself and when she is fighting nap by either crying or just out of her bed and roaming her room my mom cant just leave her alone like ive done for her entire life and makes me get her. ive told my mother that this is normal and my kid is used to putting herself to sleep and refuses to be held and she then argues with me about it which sets me off and both my mom and baby girl get the mood swing (mostly my baby girl for crying). if any of you have this as well what are some tips i can use to get under control?

btw please dont suggest just walking away for a minute: my mom only yells at me for doing that and makes me more mad.
chrissyzajac responded:
and i do want to add my anger issues have only began coming out since i moved back into my parents house and my 2 year olds constant whining and cry also only just started once we moved here as well. we wernt always like this
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Chrissyzajac -

I admire you for talking honestly about this, I'm sure it was very difficult. I am glad you are looking for advice in controlling your anger and looking for different ways to handle your LO behaviors.

It sounds like it is stressful for both you, your daughter and the rest of your family.

Take a few minutes to check out these resources -

Anger Management
Anger Management Skills
Be a Calm(er) Mom

Dr. Benaroch also replied here .

Other moms - Time to brainstorm and share suggestions about how to manage 2 year olds behaviors!

Check back in and let us know if this his helpful,
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TrailRunningMom responded:
Parenting with Love and Logic is a great resource. I am guessing you might not have a lot of time to catch up on parenting resource, so I would suggest maybe trying a few things I have found helpful.

1. Your child is learning that you react to her when she's being naughty, but do you give her as much attention or more when she is reading/playing quietly or do you see it as time you can do whatever you want?

give her lots of praise when she is behaving as you like her to.

when she is not, do not raise your voice. because when you make a loud fuss over her naughtiness she is getting your full attention.
- see how that works?

2. Use and teach social graces. It makes life so much easier, for everyone and for the rest of her life. It also makes it easier when you need to work on her behavior. If you grab her when you are mad, she is more likely to learn that hurting others is okay, and we all know it is not. If you teach her to ask "May I change my clothes?" you can then say "You may not" or "you may, after you clean up your toys". and this all is a more positive way to communicate with your child over saying "No" which sounds so ugly when you can say, "you may not touch mommy's make-up without her permission"

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