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Bilingual child delay
alwayssmile posted:
I have a 32 months old daughter. I'm starting to get concerned about her speech. She understands mostly everything I tell her. But she doesn't want to talk. She would rather answer my questions by pointing at the object. She seems very smart and has not had any delays with her development. She does say a lot of words. But it sounds like baby words that don't make much sense to other people. I do, however understand her most of the time though. And she makes sense a lot to me. But it doesn't seem like she talks as clearly as most kids her age.

My nephew is half a year younger and he talks so much. He repeats after me. But when I ask my DD to repeat after me she will just say something like yes, sure,etc. I'm not sure why? My closest guess is that because we are bilingual. When my husband and I talk with her we speak our native language. But when hubby and I discuss our matters. It's always in English. I'm not sure if that's why? She doesn't understand much English though. She has started to count 1-5 in English and basic words and that's about it. Everything I say in German she understands. Simple directions or what not. She knows most simple vocabulary in German. Anyway, my biggest concern is, is she behind because of two languages in the home? I haven't talked with her pediatrician about this because when we went in for her two year check up. She was fine. She is not scheduled to been seen again till she turns three. Many bilingual moms tell me not to be concerned. But how can I not? When their toddlers are talking more than mine. And they are my DD age.

Anyone in similar shoes? I would love to hear something promising. Or a professional opinion.

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