Holiday Shopping and the Toddler - Yikes
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Holiday shopping can be stressful enough but when you add a toddler to the mix maintaining your sanity can be quite difficult.

Let's share tips to make the "experience" as pleasant as possible.

My suggestions -

Take the large (vs umbrella) stroller. If you are lucky enough to exhaust your LO for a nap, lay them down for some uninterrupted shopping time.

Make a plan, make a list and organize coupons. discount cards and gift cards. I use a

Bring snacks and treats (maybe a new toy or book).

Plan in some play time, set up a good expectation or outcome - "As soon as I finish this, or after lunch we will get an ice cream or play at the playground.

If a meltdown happens - ignore the looks! Everyone knows it has happened to them!


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