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Please help. How to get them off the bottle and get them on the potty??? ive tried everything!!
busymommy1 posted:
have a 24 month year old who refuses to give up the bottle or use the potty. Ive tried telling him his bottle is broken and explaining to him that he broke it ( when he bites the niple off) and he just throws a fit. he wont drink milk from the cup. ive tried juices. When he asks for the bottle i say how about your cup and he throws a fit saying no, bottle. could really use some advice. Im going through nipple after nipple.. and the potty.. i explain to him when changing him that if hed use the potty mommy wouldnt have to change him. Ive tried telling him he will be a big boy like daddy and he just doesnt seem to care. He has peepeed in the potty but refuses to poopoo. ive caught him going in his diaper and tried to sit him on the potty but he latched on to me and started screaming.. i just dont know what else to do.. please help
mikimom2010 responded:
think it's time to be a little firm with him, if he wants his milk bad enough, he will drink from a sippy cup.
asia76011 replied to mikimom2010's response:
Have you tried to put chocolate cereal in the toilet to show him that he poo poo..Or have you tried sticker board, where every time he pees or poos he gets to put a sticker up and after 5 stickers for the week he gets to do something fun like go to the park, ect..
concerned_mother91 responded:
weened my daughter off my giving her a sippy that was shaped like a cup with the top you can buy them at walmart....throw the bottles away tht will keep you from breaking in to give it to him. he will get used to taking the sippy. but he may be too young for the cup. when he drinks from the sippy tell him hes a big boy. praise him they look for that..with the potty training he will start when he is ready most children dont fully potty train until they are 3-4 years old. dont sweat it he will let you know when he is ready.
kay_kay75 responded:
He is using the bottle as a control thing, you need to stick to it and tell him the bottles are gone, have him put them in a trash bag and "throw it out" and then give him a sippy cup, try one with a silicone top first that will help with the transition. With the potty he may not be ready to train yet, my daughter is 2 1/2 and we do pee pee on the potty but haven't tried poo poo, they will let you know when they are ready but the more you push the more they are going to push back and refuse to go until much later.

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