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Potty Training
hmj5678 posted:
My son was attending pre-school full time in when his teacher suggested potty training with him. We started together as a team in November (he has turned 2 in September 2012). At first he did awesome. Really picked it up and was in underwear in about 4-6 weeks. Then he has a little setback and we were having quite a few accidents. Then all was well again. In April, we brought home our 3rd child. COMPLETE SETBACK. I expected this, but now I don't know what to do. He will be 3 in September and he is very big for his age. He is very bright and completely knows and understands what he should be doing. He goes on the floor, in his pants and anywhere (I feel like it is on purpose). It go so bad with the going anywhere and everywhere that we gave up and put him back in pull-ups. So now he is in pull-ups all the time. I had read about potty training and everything said ignore the negative and praise the positive. We were all but doing flips whenever he would go in the toilet and just cleaning up the mess. But now that we are probably going to have to replace his carpet because it is so soiled, how long can we ignore the negative? So anyway, were back in pull-ups and now he just doesn't even try. I thought we were pushing to hard and we should just stop and give him a break, but now its like he never had any potty training and he just goes in his pants?

What do I do? How do I start again? I feel terrible and I don't know where to begin. FYI he fights going to the toilet every time. Kicking, screaming, etc. Or he will go on his OWN WILL but then he wants candy and he will go like 4 times in 3 minutes to get candy (which is not going to happen) so then he gives up. HELP!!

My daughter was done in 3 days and we never looked back. I just am at a loss for how to get a handle on this. I know we are doing things wrong and I need some help.
earleyml1012 responded:
I would put him back in pullups/diapers whichever you choose for a few weeks, kind of as a reset button. During this time, if he asks to go, take him but don't push it at all. Then try the training agian, going to full time underware. We did small toys as a reward for our first daughter, she needed an instant gratification reward. Then after a few weeks of that, we just gave her m&ms for going. If this resetting him doesn't work, I'd call the pedi.

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