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16 month old twins!!!
jokelly25 posted:
I have two questions. One of my questions are my twins are 16 months old and they know how to walk but they would rather crawl. They may take a few steps or they will walk across the room, but if they fall they will start to crawl, How can i get them to walk better? Second question is they are starting to throw fits i mean the screaming , fake crying, shaking their heads , throwing themselves down fits. I am a stay at home mom and i love them with all of my heart but i am at my wits end!! I feel like pulling my hair out. I dont know what will be best my mother is the old fashion spanking, but id rather not do that, i have lightly smacked their hands but that doesnt do any good and i feel horrible after. What is some advice because my twin boys are driving me nuts!!!
earleyml1012 responded:
As far as the walking, I know that some kids it takes until they are 18 months to get the whole walking thing down. Maybe encourage it by making a game out of walking, like who can walk to get the ball? Then praise them like crazy when they do it. PRAISE them anytime they walk.

For the tantrums, you might have to ignore the behavior as long as no one gets hurts. They are still too young but we use time-out for one minute for our 22 month old when she has those fits. I set a timer and she knows not to get up until it goes off. Be consistent, if you say no to something and they start screaming, don't give in or they'll know that they just have to throw a tantrum to get what they want. Also, try to redirect them to something else as well as not saying no to stuff all the time...pick your battles. There are lots of good articles if you google tantrums. Good luck! It does get easier as they get older.

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