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two year old has bug bite in right eye area, eye area is swollen, no itching, redness, pain
albuquerque727 posted:
hello, I have a two year old grandson, he is very healthy, but we keep a clean house, but I myself have gotten bit by a spider over a year ago, and this past Saturday, my grandson woke up with a swollen eye area, redness, but no itching, my daughter took him to the ER and the doctor explained that it is a bug bite but not sure what kind of bite, no meds were given, the swelling seemed to go away, but the next day his eye closed shut, my daughter gave him Benadryl for the pain, because he said it hurt him. well, this morning he woke up with the same eye area swollen, redness, and complaining that it hurt, we are so worried, and crying, can anyone help with any suggestions? could it be a spider bite? he also has a bite behind his left ear, and left forehead, I have since cleaned his room, (I always keep it clean) and I put bug spray, I disinfect his room, my daughter and I were thinking the bugs could come in from the floor vent, but not sure, if anyone reads this please respond I can also be reached by email me at please, very urgent.....!!!!!
kapild82 responded:
can explain it - the swelling is caused by his body reacting to the bite.

and he does sound sensitive - his body is releasing histamines to fight the insect "stuff."

that can cause swelling - a little bit ( only 1/8 inch across) or huge ( 8 inches across) or for the most sensitive people, the swelling is truly throughout the body, include the airways.

cold compresses will make it burn and itch less, for now.
so will cortisone cream.

the histamine being released now in his body ( causing the swelling) can be destroyed at a temp of 120 degrees F.
You can do this, without hurting your child, with a regular hair blow dryer - you just turn the blow dryer on, and wave it over the swollen place, like you were drying his hair at that site.
the dryer shouldn't be closer than 4 inches to the skin. and since it is near his eye, i would have him close his eye, and cover it with his hand, while you blow dry from the other direction. this takes about 2 or 3 minutes. if he says the blow dryer is too hot, or uncomfortable, it should be furthur away from his head.

You can give him an antihistamine ( like Chlor-trimeton) but it will probably put him to sleep. or an ice pack on the swelling- but these are temporary.

the bizarre blow dryer thing will make the itching and swelling go away in less than 30 minutes.

reply me if you want more info or details or whatever.

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