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clicking noise when pulling earlobe
nganb posted:
This started happened last nite to my 2.5 yr old DD. she complained about something in her eye and start tugging at it. we hear clicking noise when she does that. If you pull down (tug) her right earlobe in the right direction, you hear a little "click" or "pop" noise.

She doesn't seem to be in pain..more like annoyed by it. she's acting normally otherwise. No fever or anything. what could this mean?

it sounds like the noise when i rotate my ankle and it clicks. i sprained it years ago and it's been like that since. could she have damage her cartilidge (spelling?) or earlobe some how?
mlgbears31 responded:
It's probably just the fluid in the ear moving around. when you pull on the ear lobe you change the shape and pressure of the ear cannal and it pops. Just like cracking your fingers or other joints. Usually it's just the sound of fluid. I wouldn't worry if there's no pain associated.
nganb responded:
Yes, I meant to say "ear", not "eye" too hehe.

Funny thing, when i asked if it hurts, she says yes...but i don't know if she's confusing the popping noise with actual hurting. i think she's just annoyed with it because she isn't any different.

You think it'll go away? weird how it just happened out of the blue.
fattybob responded:
Don't worry i can go it too. Pull the ear, then flick and that makes the sound, no problem whatsoever.
An_253924 responded:
So I was reading this and my 4 year old daughter has the same problem. I would like to know what was the solution given to you for your child's problem.your help is appreciated. Thanks!

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